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Press Ganey - Guardian of Excellence Award 2016


Patient Centered Care.  It's at the heart of everything we do at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.  Our commitment to our patients, their needs, their health, their understanding of the procedures they are undertaking has made our hospital into a trusted source for meeting and exceeding our community's expectations when it comes to their health care.  

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Memorial Hospital of Converse County has earned the distinction of being recognized as a Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey


What is Press Ganey?

Press Ganey is a leading provider of patient experience measurement, performance analytics and strategic advisory solutions for health care organizations across the continuum of care. With over 30 years of experience, Press Ganey is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in patient experience measurement and performance improvement solutions. Our mission is to help health care organizations reduce patient suffering and improve clinical quality, safety and the patient experience. As of January 1, 2016, Press Ganey served more than 26,000 health care facilities.


What Is The Guardian of Excellence Award?

The Guardian of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing health care organizations that have consistently achieved the 95th percentile or above of performance in several categories including: Ambulatory Surgery, for which MHCC was recognized in 2015, Physician Engagement (2016) and Inpatient Care (2016).  Memorial Hospital of Converse County takes great pride in being recognized in the top 5% of Press Ganey reporting Organizations and is grateful to be receiving two Guardians of Excellence Awards in 2016.


What Does It Take To Receive This Recognition?

In order for a health care provider to receive a Guardian of Excellence Award they must maintain high levels of patient satisfaction for all 4 reporting quarters.  When we say high levels we mean 95% or above for an entire year.  The Guardian of Excellence Award reflects an organizations dedication to their patients and their commitment to advancing the overall quality of health care.


In What Categories Has Memorial Hospital of Converse County Been Recognized?

In 2015, MHCC was recognized in the field of Ambulatory Surgery, a first for our organization.  This year, 2016 we have been honored to receive distinction in both InPatient Satisfaction and Physician Engagement.  What this means is that all of the efforts by our hospital staff, our providers and administration at centering our care and concerns on the patient is truly being felt and reported by those we care for each and every day.  We thank you our community for allowing us to continue to be your provider and we look forward to continuing to provide stellar care to our region!



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