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Going The Distance

"It was all individual at first, and then Shannon invited Bradley. Then, they both started inviting people and Dani came up with the team name MHCC Roadsters," started Kasey Powell, a registered nurse with Memorial Hospital of Converse County (MHCC). And after that, word got around that the in-patient care staff at MHCC was forming a team made of both personnel and community members to participate in The Great Cycle Challenge.

Stings A Bit - How to Handle Summertime Stings and Bites

Summer is full of great memories! Sitting in the sun poolside, summer evenings spent on the back deck or maybe sitting fireside telling ghost stories while camping! The summer air feels different, and time seems to change, slow down a bit. But so to with all this warmth, sun, and splendor comes some pesky little bugs: bees, mosquitoes and other stinging insects! While summertime may be rife with warm memories it's also full of the sound of the hum of all sorts of creatures!

Navigating Through COVID-19 As An Organization

It’s one thing to captain a ship and crew along the coast under blue skies and over calm seas when everyone can see the port ahead. But it is quite another to head into a storm that no one saw coming and get tossed about. You don’t know how big the storm is or how long it will last … or whether you will survive.

Local Businesses Show Support of Frontline Workers at MHCC with Free BBQ

National Hospital Week, held the second week of May, is usually a big celebration recognizing all of the healthcare workers in all departments for their hard work. This year looked a little different due to COVID-19, but thanks to some very generous Douglas businesses Memorial Hospital employees were treated to a special lunch as a gesture of appreciation.

Why Should You Wear A Mask?

Will a face covering protect you from COVID-19?
It can help, but face coverings aren’t really intended to protect the wearer. However, they can help limit exposure to others. According to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, up to 25% of infected people may not show symptoms, and those that do show symptoms may be contagious up to 48 hours before symptoms start. Read our infographic below to learn more!

Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

Sewing Protective Masks - An Update

Thank you to our community for your support during this time. We are grateful to for those who have volunteered their time and talents in assisting our medical staff with the supply of personal protective equipment and given of their collective resources in sewing face masks.

Fact or Fiction? Breaking Down Some COVID-19 Myths

New information about COVID-19 seems to be coming out by the minute these days. It’s important to stay up-to-date, especially with state and national rules and regulations being changed. But it’s equally important to make sure the information you’re getting (and sharing) is accurate. But how do you know what’s a myth or fact? Here are some common “facts” circulating that we want you to know…Fact or Myth?

Too Much Television During COVID-19?

As we all hunker down for the foreseeable future, our screens may be getting more of a workout than our muscles. And is there such a thing as too much television during the time of COVID-19 in our world? To help us all find a bit more balance in our new normal, we've pulled together some tips and ideas to keep our activity levels up and the screen times down!

Keeping On Top Of Your Mental Health While Social Distancing

COVID-19 is affecting so many aspects of our lives right now. Schools are closed, non-essential businesses have closed their doors and people are being told to stay home. Information is rapidly changing and it seems that’s all that exists on our news feeds.