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Getting In 10,000 Steps In A Day

It’s no secret that living an active lifestyle can help you achieve and maintain the quality of life you want regardless of age. While physical capabilities often change over time, there are a variety of options for exercise and healthy living that can be beneficial regardless of your age or current health.

A Reason For Hope - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month arrives this month as temperatures cool and holiday planning begins. Other than skin cancer, the most common cancer among American women is breast cancer. Though the public presence of prolific charities has raised public awareness, it is essential to transform that awareness into a self-care routine to ensure any breast cancer-related issues are caught early to increase the effectiveness of treatments.

Fall Prevention - Helping Those You Love Stay Safe

Injuries from falls are the main reason older adults lose their independence. Risk factors increase with age but many falls are preventable and taking basic preventative measures can reduce the risk of incurring fall-related injuries.

Nutrition Moment: Get Your Grains!

Incorporating whole grains into your diet can be a good source of nutrition, improve health, and make meals more exciting. A diet rich in whole grains may improve gastrointestinal symptoms, reduce risk for heart disease and Type-2 diabetes, and reduce cancer risk and systemic inflammation.

Thriving in Your Third Age With Frank Widerrecht

Making the most of your Third Age, the “golden years” of adulthood marking the span of time from retirement to the beginning of age-imposed physical, emotional, and cognitive decline, is easier said than done. We often know what we should be doing to maximize our health and quality of life, yet putting those tenets into practice often seems like an incredibly difficult undertaking.

The Importance of Suicide Awareness & Prevention

The end of summer brings cooler weather, the start of school, and a focus on the difficult but important topic of suicide. Memorial Hospital of Converse County is committed to raising suicide awareness and providing support and resources to prevent tragedies, including training employees and community members to recognize signs of potential suicides and to intervene to help those in need.

Seasonal Allergies

The upcoming fall season brings many amazing outdoor experiences to residents and visitors to our beautiful state, some of which have been enjoyed for generations. While seasonal allergies have often been accepted as unavoidable, Wyomingites can rejoice knowing there are many options to alleviate or even eliminate suffering this fall. Read on to learn more about what allergies are, what triggers them, and how you can get treatment!

Ambassador Program Continues To Help Impact Patients' Lives

Walking through the entrance to a hospital can be an emotional experience. That’s one reason the volunteer Ambassadors at Memorial Hospital of Converse County are an integral part of a positive experience for patients and visitors to the hospital.

The Importance of Sports Physicals For Student Athletes

Taking your child in for an annual sports physical may seem trivial, especially if your son or daughter is by all appearances a perfectly healthy individual. While the annual physical may not seem important, pre-participation exams are endorsed by the National Federation of State High School Associations and are intended to identify children who may be at risk while playing sports.

Summer Series - Skin Care in the Sunshine

The skin we inhabit is more than just a thing to be washed occasionally. It’s actually the largest organ on our body. And the care of or lack of care can determine how we are doing overall. Skin acts as a barrier to outside forces, but it also needs protection. With the Summer sun in full swing that means taking some added precautions to keep from burns, blistering or even developing skin cancer down the road. The UV Index has been reaching 10+, and with that number being indicated this means we should all exercise caution when out and about in the sun.

We’ve listed some tried and true tips to get you through the rest of summer with some healthy skin considerations!