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Safety Comes First In The Good Ol Summertime!

Now that school is out for the summer, it's endless days of fun in the sun for many kids. But with childhood days of freedom comes a lot of worry for parents. Some of the leading reasons that children land in the emergency room during the summer months include bicycle accidents, insect bites and unintentional falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Summer Series: Swim Safety

Kids + Water = Summertime. It's a combination we are all too familiar with. And it's a safe bet that most of us have a lifetime of memories stored and shared of summers spent poolside, or even something as simple as playing in a backyard sprinkler with our neighborhood friends. Summer it seems, will forever be synonymous with the refreshing feel of being in the water.

2019 MHCC Block Party Promises to Be A Blast!

Every year, we throw quite a party. The annual Memorial Hospital of Converse County Block Party caps off the end of the Annual Jackalope Days in Douglas. The Block Party began as a simple endeavor, celebrate our patients, our community and give back to them in a great way. It has evolved into an afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship.

Memorial Hospital of Converse County Nurses Lauded

On Tuesday evening, Misti Bachus was honored for being 1 of 10 recipients of the Casper Start Tribune Nursing Excellence award. Several Memorial Hospital staff as well as Misti’s family were in attendance to help celebrate all of her accomplishments. For this award, the Casper Star asked the community to submit nominations for the top nurses in the state. Once nominations were submitted, names and place of work were removed for a panel of volunteers to select the Top 10 Honorees.

Vaping and Teens, What You Need To Know

A waft of vapor tinged with a fruity smell permeates the air in a restaurant, a burbling sound follows, accompanied by the intake sound of a puff. These now familiar social markers have replaced what we used to experience with nicotine in social settings, the smell of tobacco smoke, the cigarette dangling over an ashtray, the action of someone taking a drag.

Understanding Fats and Your Heart Health

Fat. You may not read that particular word and innately think of healthy eating. In recent decades, the usual recommendation has been that fats be reduced almost in total from diets. But not all fats are equal when it comes to your heart health. And seeking better understanding of the various kinds of fats can help you construct a better plan for longer lasting heart health.

4 Ways To tell If It's A Cold or Allergies

When you aren't feeling well it can be hard to distinguish what may be going on. You would do just about anything to shake the awful feeling that's dragging you down. But do you have allergies or is it a cold? This is a common question patients have because the symptoms can be similar, so many people confuse them. Knowing the difference between allergies and a cold can result in feeling better faster because you'll know what treatment to pursue.