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Five Major Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Heart Disease - What You Should Know With Dr. Allan Mattern pt. 1

Each February our attention turns to matters of the heart. And we're not talking about the kind filled with those little chocolates or emblazoned with the words "Be Mine". No, the actual heart takes center stage this month as our health community nationally pays attention to that which keeps our blood pumping: our hearts and circulatory system.

It's National CRNA Week

Throughout the year we celebrate the varied health care professionals and this week is no exception.

Gastroenteritis - What You Need To Know

Is there anything that can wake a sleeping parent faster than a child standing next to your bed saying they feel like they are going to vomit? Unfortunately these awakenings are set to continue as Gastroenteritis (more commonly known as stomach flu) rotates through our community this winter. How can you help prevent getting it, or if you have it in your house, treat it? Read on to learn more!

New Year New You - Start the New Year Right with MHCC!

A new year is here and while we all are trying to figure out just how to make 2017 special, putting your health as a priority should be at the top of that list. Memorial Hospital of Converse County Dietician Ashley Littleton will be offering a Healthy Weight class starting January 5th!

Staying Hydrated In The Winterime

The sun. In the heady days of summer it makes us think of taking a swig off a bottle of water with no trouble. But hand us a crisp wintery morn without the sun beaming down in Wyoming and we may be reluctant to think of staying quite so hydrated. During these dry wintry months staying hydrated is just as crucial a concern as any other time in our calendars, especially in Wyoming where the arid climate can be more extreme in the months where nights come on more quickly.v

Norovirus: What You Need To Know

Wintertime is here again Wyoming. And while that brings images of comfy sweaters, hot cocoa, snow, and shorter days it also can mean the reappearance of stomach flu or as it's commonly called: Norovirus.

Tracking Your Health With Tech

Need to know how many steps you actually take in a day? Well there's an app for that, or several. The way that technology has evolved in the last decade has meant strides forward, literally and figuratively in the science of measuring steps, including: Smart Watches, Apps, and FitBit style accessories that calculate movement over a 24 hour period.