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Limiting The Spread of Influenza

It seems every year we hear the same thing: "The flu is something to take seriously and is impacting a lot of people." But, that statement again rings true in this 2017-18 flu season. The influenza virus is being aggressive and has claimed lives, hospitalized people, and all in all, has made and will continue to make a great many very ill.

How can you better your chances of avoiding the flu and helping your family to avoid it as well? Read on to learn some ways to minimize the influenza virus making a stop in your home. And if the flu has reared it's head, how to help the rest of your family keep from getting their turn.

Staying Active and Well in the Wintertime pt. 2

Between full-out negative temps, several inches of accumulation on our sidewalks, and looking up realizing just how dark it is, winter is here. In the first part of this interview, we tackled how to stay more active even as the temperatures drop. Now we're moving decidedly into mood and overall wellness with Population Health Director Tom Holt.

Staying Active and Well in the Wintertime pt. 1

The days grow shorter, and the nights feel longer. The temperatures go into the negatives, and with that comes the feeling that we would all rather not move and conserve our energies (and heat!) inside a mountain of blankets. But we should stay active, and well when winter comes around on the calendar.

Healthy Changes: A New Course Offered From MHCC

A new year is on the horizon. And while many of us are gearing up to make those resolutions of a better year focused on any number of goals, quite a large percentage of those we know will attempt this being the year for being healthier. It's a noble goal, and one many of us will attempt at some point in our lives. The goal of making healthy changes in our lives is one we encourage, and this year we are making it a group effort!

A Christmas Community

For four years the Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Arbor Cafe has been partnering with members of our community to bring Douglas a free community Christmas meal. And as we round the corner towards another Christmas, preparations are already underway for this year's celebration renamed Billy's Free Community Christmas Meal in honor of the recently passed Billy Cathcart. But how did this effort start, where did it come from, and what keeps it going? We asked Felicia Masterson Smith of our Arbor Cafe and Hospitality Services to give us an inside look at feeding a community!

Changes: How A Diabetes Diagnosis Can Impact The Family

It's a moment most parents of a child diagnosed with diabetes will always remember, the moment a doctor confirmed for them that indeed their hunch was right, something was going on outside the norm. But what happens after that moment?

Healthy Leftover Hacks For Thanksgiving

We've all faced the refrigerator the Friday after Thanksgiving. We stare it down with a mix of anxiety and wonderment thinking, "Where's all of this food going to go?" For most of us, it ends up in the trash at some point because let's be honest there's only so much of a shelf life for food items, right? You may not realize though the average American family can waste around $1200 worth of food annually. $1200 is a high dollar amount when you think of how expensive groceries are in the first place.

Cranberry Sauce - A Healthier Perspective

What would a Thanksgiving table be without that deep garnet red bowl of delightful cranberry sauce? Cranberries date back to the early days of the Thanksgiving holiday and have been a culinary staple generation after generation. Even though they are small, they pack quite a nutritional punch. Cranberries contain resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory compound, are loaded with vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants; they can prevent UTIs and can reduce the risk of kidney stones. They are quite the mighty little fruit.

Thanksgiving With Type 2

We Americans hinge our gatherings around food. Food is a cornerstone of any major holiday, party, or get together. And the height of all of the holidays that center on or around food is none other than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is and forever tied to our public awareness and memory to traditions centered on what we consume.