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Keeping Families Healthy - with Dr. Deeanne Engle

As a family practice physician, Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Dr. Deeanne Engle sees a wide variety of patients. As her practice has grown, so has her work with children. As a mother herself, Dr. Engle understands the importance of finding a physician for your child's wellness check-ups, but also for those day-to-day parenting dilemmas, illness concerns and development questions. Dr. Engle shares a little about her nine years of experience at Memorial Hospital of Converse County and her work in pediatric care.

Mix It Up Challenge - September 12th-18th

Our September Health Challenge is rolling right along and we wanted to keep you updated as to your choices to participate right along with us this week. So peruse your daily options below and let us know how you are planning to Mix It Up This Month! You can also sign up for this challenge at:

Ways To Keep Including More Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

Now that the August Health Challenge has drawn to a close, let's look at some great ways to keep these items as a staple of your diet. You've come this far right? So read on to discover 5 tips to keep this challenge going!

Why The Focus on Community Health?

What started as an internal initiative at Memorial Hospital of Converse County, has now crossed over into the larger community. And with good reason. The monthly health challenge began as a way for hospital staff members to not only just compete but begin to become a healthier organization from the inside. The challenges, starting with Stop the Pop, have asked hospital employees to make their health an even greater priority.

10 Ways To Help Improve Knee Cartilage

One of our areas of focus in our facility is on the long term health of our patients, especially the orthopedic concerns of our community. Below we have listed 10 ways to help increase and maintain knee cartilage health. These are ideas not just for those whose knees plague them now but also great for those who would like to avoid concerns in the future!

MHCC Provides Stellar Urgent Care for South Central Wyoming

Whether it's a case of the flu that just won't go away, an ear infection or even a suspected broken bone, Memorial Hospital of Converse County Urgent Care physician assistants, nurses and staff members are prepared to address the urgent medical needs of the community. Conveniently open Monday through Friday from 7 am. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the providers at Urgent Care offer much of the same services as a primary care doctor, and even the emergency room, on a walk-in basis.

Keeping Track of Your Success

We've all been there, you get excited about a diet change, or a new eating plan comes out and it's all the rage amongst your friends and family and you are ready! But then a couple of weeks pass and you are now looking at what was once a pretty exciting change with sheer boredom.

Dietician Ashley Littleton provides new educational services at Memorial Hospital of Converse County

After watching family members, especially her dad, struggle with health issues, Ashley Littleton wanted to learn all she could about health and wellness and use that knowledge to help others. After becoming a registered dietician, Littleton left Wyoming for a few years, working at small and large hospitals across the nation, including the Hampton VA Medical Center in Virginia, before moving back to Wyoming earlier this year. Now working at Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Littleton is the program coordinator for the Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, and serves in several other capacities as a dietician.

Ready For Summertime - Preparedness In Case Of Emergencies

As the height of summer activities fast approach, many people will head for Wyoming's mountains, lakes and rivers in search of adventures. While these places offer a wealth of outdoor activities, they also are the place where many tragic accidents occur each year. Those accidents are often exacerbated by long distances and tough terrain to navigate, something Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Dr. Pat Yost cautions people to remember before heading out on a vacation getaway.

Small Hospitals, Big Outcomes by Kim Phagan Hansel

As quality director at Memorial Hospital of Converse County Missy Swanson constantly reviews patient charts. Part of her daily duties include continually evaluating data, examining files and comparing information to ensure that every patient is receiving the highest quality of care possible.