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Air Quality, Smoke & Your Health

Heat Stroke: What You Need To Know

Great Reads For Summer Trips!

Even though June and July seemed to have gone by in the blink of an eye, there's still plenty of getting to be done before the school bell rings! And when traveling with kids of any age, one of the concerns many parents share is how to get our kiddos to stop staring at their screens so much. But as the hours on a trip by car or plane tick by sometimes it can feel like the only alternative is the tablet or mobile device you have that love hate relationship with.

After Surgery: Wound Care What You Need to Know with Giselle Grimes

At Memorial Hospital of Converse County, we strive to deliver excellent care with compassion. And when our patients arrive and receive a surgery we work to make sure that all elements of that surgery are to the highest standards. But when it comes time to discharge a patient a lot of the work of keeping a wound clean and free from infection… that responsibility now transfers to the patient and their at home caregivers or support.

One Word: Endure

Recent years have a revealed a new level of athletic achievement that has taken hold of competitive running and cycling sports. Ultra marathons and cycling longer and longer distances have shown that our physical and mental stamina can be surprising when put to the test in distances like 50 or 100 miles (or more) for running; going all the way across the United States for cyclists. It seems in our 21st century we have pushed many boundaries in the realm of technological advancements, but in many ways we are looking inward to see and tap the potential of what we humans are capable of as well.

Boredom Busters! How to Keep From Hearing Those Dreaded Words

The old adage "Only boring people are bored," may have kept you as a child from squawking too much as a kid. But much to mom's chagrin, being bored isn't really a personality flaw or a social sin, it's actually pretty common especially for children. And even with every modern convenience at their fingertips it seems our kids can readily state "I'm Bored!" without any provocation!

Boom! Pow! Helping Kids With A Fear of Fireworks

They light up the night, and they are as American as apple pie and a Sousa march. "Booms" and "Pows" truly have been a part of Americana since Francis Scott Key wrote of the rockets red glare and bomb bursting in air during the War of 1812. Key penned poetry about actual bombs, and what we have today in our epic Independence Day displays are no less ear-rattling in their size and scope no matter how controlled their engineers.

10 Questions With Oscar Aguirre

Located within our Medical Office Building is our Urgent Care Clinic. And while some of the more oft asked questions about the clinic include: "What times are they open?" (Click Here For That Answer!) we wanted to ask some other questions about the kinds of cases most commonly treated by our Clinic Staff, how they work with primary care providers, and what drew them to a career in medicine. We are starting this series with our own Oscar Aguirre. Read on to learn more about Oscar and the many services the Urgent Care provides to our community!