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Anna Cobb Named Director of Radiology at Memorial Hospital Converse County

Anna Cobb may be a recent addition to our hospital, but her name will be familiar to many in Douglas. Anna grew up with her family on a ranch in Lost Springs and graduated from Douglas High School. The Wyoming native has worked in the medical field since graduating in 1986, and further obtained her Masters in Clinical Laboratory Science with an emphasis in Blood Banking from The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Beckie Oliver Named Head Of Inpatient Nursing

Beckie Oliver, RN has been named Director of Inpatient Nursing according to Chief Nursing Officer Cristy Cobb. The new position took effect June 2nd following the resignation of Medical/Surgical Manager, Jeneal Swan, who is moving to Texas.

Cardiology Services Increased at Memorial Hospital of Converse County

Dr. Allan Mattern has always been intrigued by advancing medicine and the developments that have improved lives. During his more than 40-year career as a cardiologist, he has seen many changes in the field.

Safety In Storms

Patient Centered Emergency Care - EMS Week

During the past few years, Douglas resident Jennifer Bayne has been to Memorial Hospital of Converse County's emergency room a couple of times for food poisoning and a heart condition. Her recent experiences have been drastically different from the care she received when she first moved to Douglas 20 years ago.

Memorial Hospital of Converse County 5K Provides a Great Way to Start Your Fitness Journey Today

As America's waistlines have widened, so have the number of health care problems including diabetes and heart disease to strokes and hypertension. While all of these health issues can be life-threatening, it's not easy to battle the bulge. But Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Population Director Tom Holt is encouraging community members to make a change to a healthier lifestyle today.

The Nurse For Nurses - Cristy Cobb by Kim Phagen Hansel

One of the best pieces of advice Cristy Cobb received as she began her college career was to get a job to support herself. Initially, Cobb wasn't sure what she wanted to do, but she knew she wanted to help people in some way, and life led her down the path of nursing.

Memorial Hospital of Converse County Celebrates Mothers Every Day

For 17 years Susan Gonzales has been a registered nurse, the last four spent in the labor and delivery department at Memorial Hospital of Converse County. During that time, she has helped countless women become mothers during child birth. In fact about 15 babies are born at the hospital every month.