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What To Expect: The Summer Months

The blazing summer sun beating down in Wyoming is enough to cause anyone to break into an intense sweat. If you are an expecting mother planning to give birth this summer, this adds to the exhaustion of a season that is already taxing by itself. Regardless of whether you have experienced a summer pregnancy before, Memorial Hospital of Converse County is here to provide you with some tips for this season from our OB/GYN providers!

Estado de COVID-19: una actualización de la vacuna COVID-19

Muchas cosas pueden cambiar en poco tiempo. Desde que llegó al condado de Converse en diciembre, la vacuna COVID-19 Moderna ha tenido un impacto considerable en nuestra comunidad. Inicialmente limitada al Nivel 1, la administración de la vacuna solo se administró a un grupo selecto de nuestra población más vulnerable. Mientras que la vacuna Johnson & Johnson encontró su camino a través del proceso de autorización de uso de emergencia de la FDA y la logística ha permitido una mayor producción de Pfizer y Moderna; Wyoming ingresó al Nivel 2, lo que permite que cualquier persona mayor de 18 años reciba las vacunas.

It's Our Shot: A COVID-19 Vaccine Update 

A lot can change in a small window of time. Since it arrived in Converse County in December, the COVID-19 vaccine Moderna has made a sizable impact on our community. Initially limited to Tier 1, the vaccine’s administration was only given to a select number of our most vulnerable population. As the Johnson & Johnson vaccine found its way through the FDA Emergency Use Authorization process and logistics have allowed for greater production of Pfizer and Moderna; Wyoming entered Tier 2, thus allowing anyone over 18 to receive the vaccines.

Safety First: Safe Snow Shoveling Techniques

Living in Wyoming, snow shoveling is a part of our lives. But understanding the strain that can place on different systems of our bodies, particularly the cardiac and skeletal and muscle groups located in the back, can help us to avoid injury and the likelihood of a medical emergency. We've outlined below 4 tips to keep in mind when tackling your drive, sidewalks, or helping others in your neighborhood!

COVID-19 Booster Shots: How Long Is Allowed Between Doses?

There is a sense of urgency coupled with gratitude for those 1,808 patients who have received the initial COVID-19 vaccine in the last eight weeks. There is an understandable worry once that initial dose is given about reports of vaccine shortages. There is also a concern that boosters won't be administered soon enough to remain effective due to lack of supply.

Los diez mitos principales sobre la vacuna COVID-19

Las conversaciones sobre las vacunas disponibles para COVID-19 a menudo han dado a muchas personas inquietudes o información errónea en las redes sociales o de amigos o familiares bien intencionados. Hemos enumerado los diez mitos principales sobre las vacunas COVID-19 y los hechos, para que tenga la información correcta para que puedas tomar las mejores decisiones posibles para su salud.

Myth vs. Fact: COVID-19 Vaccines

The conversations around the vaccines available for COVID-19 often have led many people to have concerns or receive misinformation on social media or from well-intentioned friends or family members. We've listed the top ten myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines and the facts, so you have the correct information to make the best choices possible for your health.

Healthy Ways To Stuff A Stocking

All too soon we will be facing that final stretch before Christmas. It's that time where it seems the more you cross off your list; the more needs to be done. And one of those tasks we can forget about until it's almost too late is the stockings.

Safety First This Season

As the Holiday season fast approaches, many parents and family members search throughout the month of December to find that perfect gift for the children on their lists. This month also brings a renewed focus on purchasing safe toys and gifts. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 251,700 toy-related injuries throughout the United States. Adding to that alarming number, most of the injuries affected children under the age of 15. Read on to learn some helpful tips to use while you shop and discover some safe and delightful gift ideas for each age group!