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Zika Virus Creates Real Worries for Travelers, Pregnant Women

As springs break quickly approaches for thousands of school children, many families across the country will venture to warmer climates for a vacation getaway. But with increasing warnings about the Zika virus, concerns and even fear may be sinking in for some people. In some respects those fears should be taken seriously, said Dr. James Morgan, chief medical officer with MHCC, especially for women who are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant.

Lead Poisoning: A Concern In Wyoming?

As residents of Flint, Michigan grapple with city water being contaminated with lead due to what EPA officials have called a perfect storm of events, Wyoming residents should also be aware of what's in their own water supply, according to Converse County Memorial Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Morgan.

Heart Health and Healthy Eating by Kim Phagen-Hansel

When it comes to eating healthy, it can be confusing with different research results on various foods like butter versus margarine and big words like transfats and hydrogenated oils. Figuring out how to eat healthy and stay healthy, not only to lose weight, but to improve heart health can be challenging.

Concussions: Risks, Concerns

Revenant Hits the Box Office, Winter Comes to Wyoming By Kim Phagan-Hansel

While The Revenant reels in acclaim, getting nods from the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, moviegoers have been riveted by the film and the real story behind it. As Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the life of fur trapper Hugh Glass, mauled by a bear, suffering from the effects of the winter elements and left for dead, the film often leaves the viewer wondering, could someone really survive all that?

Exercising During The Cold & Flu Season

A cough, an ache, a fever... is it still okay to workout to keep up with that pressing resolution that this year is your year to get fit?

How To Get Your Family's Sleep Patterns Back On Track

Summer is officially winding down as kids in Converse County head back to school this week. Only problem? Trying to get enough sleep after a summer of sleepovers, vacations, late night movies and sleeping in. So how do you get your kiddos back on track while still making sure they get enough Z time? We have five tips below to help Moms and Dads not only help their kids get enough sleep but for parents too. Read on!

Five Ways to Manage Stress, In Your Day To Day

Keeping To Your Diet In The Midst of the Midway

How do you keep those calories in check while still having a great time with friends and family? We have listed below great tips, swaps and ideas to help you make wiser decisions on the Mid Way and keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to adhering to your intake for the week.

Mind Over Matter: Ways To Keep Your Memory Sharp

We've listed great ways to keep your mind and memory sharp no matter your age on the calendar.