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Running Your First 5k or 10k

I remember when I first began the process of running. To run more than a few minutes let alone a mile in my thirties seemed insurmountable. In those early days, I would jockey back and forth between the 5 and three mph buttons on my treadmill, always fearful of flying off the back or being so winded I would fall over. I didn’t read any articles, buy any fancy shoes, or enlist the help of any running apps or software. I just knew I wanted to be able to run; to prove to myself, I guess that I could do this simultaneously simple but unattainable thing.

How To Spot, Treat & Prevent Head Lice

School is back in session. And while many of us know this can lead to the beginning all sorts of activities it can also mean the rise of calls to the doctor for respiratory ailments, stomach bugs and yes head lice. We reached out to our own Dr. Kathryn Skuza for more information on how parents can help spot, treat, and hopefully prevent lice from affecting their home.

The Levels of Ankle Sprains: And How To Treat!

Talk to any group of athletes long enough, and you are sure to hear their injury horror stories. For a student-athlete, the real fright comes in being sidelined indefinitely as the body has become injured or maligned in some way. Across all fields of play and levels of activity, one of the most common sports injuries remains the ankle sprain.

Library Brings Storytime to the Great Outdoors

Visitors to Douglas’s North Platte River Walk can take in many sites. The walk affords excellent views of the river, maybe the occasional bit of wildlife. But in these last few months, the visual landscape has had the added feature of the Converse County Library’s Story Walk panels. Installed mid-summer, these panels share a story from station to station, encouraging children and parent alike to read while they walk. Speaking with CCL Director Cindy Moore and Assistant Director Jes Renz about the project we learned a great deal about how it all began, how it’s maintained and what the Library hopes to see for it’s continued success!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

There's this magical time in the afternoon that parents know all too well. It's that two-hour span after-school yet before dinner. And the keen ears of many a parent have heard the following siren call from pantries all over Converse County: "But… I'm STARVING!!!"

And when you hear those words, you know that soon whatever chips, pretzels, cookies, popcorn, fruit snacks or sodas stored (and no matter how stale) are going to be scarfed down with abandon. If you aren't home after school with your kids, you know the feeling of coming home to find countless bags of snacks depleted as the kids have somehow eaten their way through your larder in ways that border on impressive. This raises the question: How do we provide after-school snacks that are not only healthy but won't be ignored by our kids, and also won't cost a fortune?

We asked that question of Head of Hospitality Services Felicia Masterson Smith and Clinical Dietician Ashley Littleton for input. The snacks had to be accessible, affordable and would be consumed by the average kid. Here are their recommendations!

The Backpack and Your Child's Back Health

School begins a new year, and the one stalwart that stays with our kids seemingly as they advance from grade to grade is the trusty old backpack. And as our kids move through their school year that pack can take some abuse, but so too can the backs of our kids. Toting around books, supplies, and other items from class to class or school to home and back can take a toll on the spinal and muscular system of our kids.

How do we help our kids' backs remain strong and not as influenced by the weight of the backpack? A lot of it has to do with wearing the pack correctly and keeping in mind some critical factors for using them safely to avoid longterm back pain.

Help Us Welcome Our New Providers!

Memorial Hospital of Converse County is pleased to welcome three new providers to our team of physicians!

Felicia Smith Awarded Citizen of the Year

We recognize at Memorial Hospital of Converse County that so often it is the people who truly make a difference not only in our organization but our greater community. As Walt Disney once said, "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." And that quote becomes a great deal clearer when we look upon our own staff, who work tirelessly not just to make their own part of the world shine, but seek to make a difference wherever they go.

Shared Governance: Decision Making at the Local Level

Who doesn't like to be heard? It's an all too human feeling to not only want to speak out for others but also feel understood yourself. And in a healthcare organization with multiple departments, locations, managers, nurses, support staff not to mention varying shifts and responsibilities, it can be a challenge to bring all voices to the table. It is this unique challenge that Memorial Hospital of Converse County is seeking to meet, and not only meet but solve. We spoke with Chief Nursing Officer, Cristy Cobb, about the Shared Governance Initiative at Memorial Hospital; what it means, how it is proposed to work, and what is the ultimate goal.

Converse County Hospital Foundation Fifty Families Initiative Helps Fund MHCC Technology Needs For New Providers

The Converse County Hospital Foundation is proud to announce that the funds raised from our Fifty Families Program have been applied to facilitate a new and much needed piece of technology for the surgery unit of Memorial Hospital of Converse County.