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The Culture Of Kindness In Our Healthcare Community

A recent effort launched at MHCC worked to help make the days a bit brighter for our staff in the days leading up to World Kindness Day. Heading up this charge was Hospitality Director Felicia Masterson Smith, who as well oversees several committees dedicated to helping employees at our hospital such as the Just Because We Care Committee which operates under the Employee Engagement Committee, and other initiatives. She took a moment to share how this effort came about, what measures were put into place to spread some acts of kindness, and her hopes for the staff she loves like family.

Making A Healthy Heart A Priority

Committing to being heart healthy is not a once a year, once-in-a-while obligation. Being heart healthy is an ongoing, continuous commitment to changing, maintaining and improving your lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be challenging.

Tips To Steer Clear of RSV This Winter

Respiratory syncytial virus, commonly known as RSV, is a common infection of the respiratory tract that typically causes mild symptoms similar to the common cold. While most individuals who contract RSV recover without lasting effects, the virus can be serious in infants and the elderly. RSV infections in the U.S. are most common in fall, winter, and spring.

Understanding the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, And Limiting The Spread Of Viruses Domestically

What once used to take months or years to spread across the globe and show up on other shores can now be in our country after a quick flight across ocean waters. Global pandemics, outbreaks or epidemics are reported on more and more by our modern media, and it seems each year we learn of some new superbug which could affect our lives from half a world away.

Being Antibiotic Aware

The widespread availability of antibiotics in the 20th century was a medical advancement that undoubtedly saved millions of lives and was revolutionary to medicine. However, the effectiveness of antibiotics also created an unintended consequence of overuse and may be responsible for creating the public health crisis of antibiotic resistance. While antibiotics can rid your body of illness when used appropriately, they can also have detrimental effects when used inappropriately. A little knowledge can go a long way towards knowing when antibiotics can benefit your health.

Make New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep!

As the New Year gets started, many of us will make (and most likely fail to follow through with) our annual New Year’s resolutions. While setting well-intentioned goals to make positive changes in our lives is admirable, it becomes meaningful only when those changes become reality. Employing some basic strategies into your resolutions this year can help increase the chances you achieve your goals and start the new year off right.

Tips For Healthy Skin All Winter Long!

When talk turns to taking care of your body the conversation often focuses on exercise, healthy eating, and regular doctor visits. While those aspects of self-care certainly play a part in staying healthy, many of us neglect taking care of our largest and most protective organ, our skin.

Your skin is responsible for protecting your body from external threats, regulating your body temperature, and sensing environmental stimuli. Year-round skin care is an important part of ensuring you live comfortably and identify issues as they arise. Unlike internal aspects of your body, changes in your skin can be observed and addressed quickly with a proactive approach to health.

Effective skin care doesn’t end when temperatures start to drop. Taking precautions year round allows you to maintain healthy skin and reap the benefits every day.

Protecting Baby (and You!) From The Flu

Coming home from the hospital with your new baby is a momentous occasion. Sharing in those first nights at home, test driving the nursery, getting through nighttime feedings and the seemingly endless stream of family and friends who want to visit. But in the winter months, visits especially can take on a different level of caution if your child is under the age of six months as influenza season comes crashing down into Wyoming.

Talking Turkey And Everything Thanksgiving with Ashley Littleton

As a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with Memorial Hospital of Converse County, the holidays are typically a big topic of conversation. We love our food-centered gatherings, and with these events comes extra stress involved in planning for such a large meal. "Did I make enough food? Are people going to like what I prepared? How am I going to get all of this done before everyone gets here?" These may be some thoughts running through your mind. On top of that, we are worried that the decisions we make for this one day will be poor nutrition choices. Too often, consumers get mixed messages about food and nutrition. Fad diets have taken over our social media accounts and the conversations we have with those around us.

Survivor Bell Now Hangs at the Stella Beard Infusion Center

On October 24th Sara Emery and her parents, George and Becky, presented Memorial Hospital and the Stella Beard Infusion Center with a bronze bell to be hung in the Stella Beard Infusion Center. Inspired by her own chemo journey, Emery wanted to give something back to Memorial Hospital.