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6 Signs of Heart Attack in Women

You've seen it on television or in the movies. A heart attack is written into the storyline and a favorite character grabs their chest or their left arm in agony and slumps into their seat in pain. This dramatization of a heart attack has become all too common as a way to convey immediately something is wrong. But in real life, a heart attack can often look (and especially feel) much different than what we see in dramas.

Dealing With The Cold

Cold temperatures have descended upon our corner of Wyoming, and while they haven't yet exceeded the records established in 1962 and 1963, it's pretty darn cold out there. Wyomingites are used to cold winters, but with the extreme cold comes health concerns we all must take into consideration, especially if we have to get out and about in it.

10 Practical Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is a great time to consider your health and how you can improve it. Many times people create New Year’s resolutions around diet and exercise programs they hope to implement. The challenge comes when it’s time to execute the changes into your day-to-day life. Here are ten practical ways to keep your New Year’s resolution and meet your diet and weight loss goals.

Safe Handling and Prep For Cooking Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is coming up. And if like most of us, you've got the turkey, you're about to either cook or consume on your mind, we have some helpful hints, tips, and ideas to keep your food handling as safe as possible and help you also limit or repurpose those leftovers!

5 Tips For Running in the Dark

Whether you are a veteran runner or just starting, we all have our preferred time of day that naturally works within our schedules: early am, midday, after work. However, you can fit in a run is usually based on the natural rhythm to your day. But with our nights getting longer, running with no natural light will become a reality soon enough. A hurdle many runners face every year about this time is acclimating into safely and successfully running outside in the dark.

A Day In The Life: With Social Worker Penny Smith

Social workers play an integral part of every hospital system. Here at Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Penny Smith is that key person who helps facilitate meeting patients needs even after they leave our hospital. Her job plays a vital role in keeping patients on the road to recovery and making sure they have all of their needs met at home. Penny’s role in planning patient discharges is one with big rewards but also many challenges.​

5 Reasons To Get A Flu Shot

October is the beginning of many things, cool, crisp air, leaves falling, football, pumpkin spice everything. It is also the start of cold and flu season. We can probably sound like a broken record in the healthcare community, but the best defense remains a good offense! And a good offense includes a yearly influenza vaccine.

Below we have listed five reasons to get a flu vaccine this year. We realize no one likes to get a shot or be stuck with needles. But overall it’s a tiny inconvenience that can mean a lot of good for our whole community!

Running Your First 5k or 10k

I remember when I first began the process of running. To run more than a few minutes let alone a mile in my thirties seemed insurmountable. In those early days, I would jockey back and forth between the 5 and three mph buttons on my treadmill, always fearful of flying off the back or being so winded I would fall over. I didn’t read any articles, buy any fancy shoes, or enlist the help of any running apps or software. I just knew I wanted to be able to run; to prove to myself, I guess that I could do this simultaneously simple but unattainable thing.

How To Spot, Treat & Prevent Head Lice

School is back in session. And while many of us know this can lead to the beginning all sorts of activities it can also mean the rise of calls to the doctor for respiratory ailments, stomach bugs and yes head lice. We reached out to our own Dr. Kathryn Skuza for more information on how parents can help spot, treat, and hopefully prevent lice from affecting their home.

The Levels of Ankle Sprains: And How To Treat!

Talk to any group of athletes long enough, and you are sure to hear their injury horror stories. For a student-athlete, the real fright comes in being sidelined indefinitely as the body has become injured or maligned in some way. Across all fields of play and levels of activity, one of the most common sports injuries remains the ankle sprain.