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MHCC CFO Earns Fellowship Designation

We're happy to announce that our CFO Curtis Dugger, FHFMA, CHFP, recently became a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA)!

Lullaby and Welcome To The World

New Lullaby Chime Announces Baby Births at MHCC

Littleton Endorsed as Community Paramedic

Memorial Hospital Paramedic Jeremy Littletonhas completed a Community Paramedic Academic Certificate program offered through Idaho State University and has been endorsed by the State of Wyoming as a Community EMS Practitioner. This has included an additional year of coursework on top of his Paramedics Associates degree.

The Importance of Story Time

"Today You Are You, That Is Truer Than True. There Is No One Alive Who Is You-er Than You." March 2nd, every year our attention turns towards the words of one Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss. The children's author was born on this day in 1904, and his imaginative and poetic rhyme and meter carved a path in the hearts and minds of generations of children. His words have helped countless children fall in love with Sneetches, Grinches, Wockets, and Whos, they have provided an entry for so many to fall in love with reading. It's no wonder we have made today a celebration of all things book related!

Limiting The Spread of Influenza

It seems every year we hear the same thing: "The flu is something to take seriously and is impacting a lot of people." But, that statement again rings true in this 2017-18 flu season. The influenza virus is being aggressive and has claimed lives, hospitalized people, and all in all, has made and will continue to make a great many very ill.

How can you better your chances of avoiding the flu and helping your family to avoid it as well? Read on to learn some ways to minimize the influenza virus making a stop in your home. And if the flu has reared it's head, how to help the rest of your family keep from getting their turn.

Staying Active and Well in the Wintertime pt. 2

Between full-out negative temps, several inches of accumulation on our sidewalks, and looking up realizing just how dark it is, winter is here. In the first part of this interview, we tackled how to stay more active even as the temperatures drop. Now we're moving decidedly into mood and overall wellness with Population Health Director Tom Holt.

Staying Active and Well in the Wintertime pt. 1

The days grow shorter, and the nights feel longer. The temperatures go into the negatives, and with that comes the feeling that we would all rather not move and conserve our energies (and heat!) inside a mountain of blankets. But we should stay active, and well when winter comes around on the calendar.

Healthy Changes: A New Course Offered From MHCC

A new year is on the horizon. And while many of us are gearing up to make those resolutions of a better year focused on any number of goals, quite a large percentage of those we know will attempt this being the year for being healthier. It's a noble goal, and one many of us will attempt at some point in our lives. The goal of making healthy changes in our lives is one we encourage, and this year we are making it a group effort!

Healthy Ways To Stuff A Stocking

All too soon we will be facing that final stretch before Christmas. It's that time where it seems the more you cross off your list; the more needs to be done. And one of those tasks we can forget about until it's almost too late is the stockings.

Safety First: Safe Snow Shoveling Techniques

Living in Wyoming, snow shoveling is a part of our lives. But understanding the strain that can place on different systems of our bodies, particularly the cardiac and skeletal and muscle groups located in the back, can help us to avoid injury and the likelihood of a medical emergency. We've outlined below 4 tips to keep in mind when tackling your drive, sidewalks, or helping others in your neighborhood!