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Boom! Pow! Helping Kids With A Fear of Fireworks

They light up the night, and they are as American as apple pie and a Sousa march. "Booms" and "Pows" truly have been a part of Americana since Francis Scott Key wrote of the rockets red glare and bomb bursting in air during the War of 1812. Key penned poetry about actual bombs, and what we have today in our epic Independence Day displays are no less ear-rattling in their size and scope no matter how controlled their engineers.

10 Questions With Oscar Aguirre

Located within our Medical Office Building is our Urgent Care Clinic. And while some of the more oft asked questions about the clinic include: "What times are they open?" (Click Here For That Answer!) we wanted to ask some other questions about the kinds of cases most commonly treated by our Clinic Staff, how they work with primary care providers, and what drew them to a career in medicine. We are starting this series with our own Oscar Aguirre. Read on to learn more about Oscar and the many services the Urgent Care provides to our community!

Road Ready vol.2: Common Travel Ailments and What To Do

We continue our series on the most common ailments that strike on the open road below with numbers four and five. If you have any medical or health questions our providers are here for you and your family, even while you travel!

Road Ready vol. 1: Common Travel Ailments And What To Do

Packing up and hitting the road is a generational rite of passage for many families. Most have fond memories of dad loading the Station Wagon, mom packing our suitcases and spending hours on the roads during our summers as children all the way up through our teenage years. Then we rinse and repeat with our own families.

Summer Series: Swim Safety

Kids + Water = Summertime. It's a combination we are all too familiar with. And it's a safe bet that most of us have a lifetime of memories stored and shared of summers spent poolside, or even something as simple as playing in a backyard sprinkler with our neighborhood friends. Summer it seems, will forever be synonymous with the refreshing feel of being in the water.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Living in the Southeastern Region of Wyoming, we understand this as a fact of life, water is precious. Our environment is a high plains desert where arid conditions are the norm most days. The living organisms that are our bodies though need this life sustaining element, sometimes even more than nutritional intake. While the body can survive on minimal nutritional sustenance in dire situations it can only go a mere three days without water.

10 Questions With Jenn Rinn

Jennifer Rinn is a familiar face around Douglas and Converse County. A native of the town, she recently took on the Executive Director role for the Converse County Hospital Foundation in April of this year. Speaking with Jenn we wanted to find out more about her hopes for supporting healthcare in our County, what the foundation works to achieve and what are some of the unique challenges in being the public face of an organization driven to helping others.

The Love and Care of John Paul Mays

Sometimes truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's also more interesting. Through a series of events, people being in the right place at the right time, the personalities present ready to work together and learn from one another, you make something extraordinary happen. What you have is a recipe for a miracle.

Role Reversal: Caring For Aging Parents

The first relationship we have in life is by and large with our parents, our caregivers. They bring us into this world, they love and nurture us, make sure we are cared for, fed, protected. As we grow into adulthood and begin our lives, those relationships change to advisory, usually respect filled roles as the heads of our families. But, what happens when our parents advance in years and their care falls squarely on us as their children, all the while maintaining those familial roles?