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10 Questions With Jenn Rinn

Jennifer Rinn is a familiar face around Douglas and Converse County. A native of the town, she recently took on the Executive Director role for the Converse County Hospital Foundation in April of this year. Speaking with Jenn we wanted to find out more about her hopes for supporting healthcare in our County, what the foundation works to achieve and what are some of the unique challenges in being the public face of an organization driven to helping others.

The Love and Care of John Paul Mays

Sometimes truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's also more interesting. Through a series of events, people being in the right place at the right time, the personalities present ready to work together and learn from one another, you make something extraordinary happen. What you have is a recipe for a miracle.

Role Reversal: Caring For Aging Parents

The first relationship we have in life is by and large with our parents, our caregivers. They bring us into this world, they love and nurture us, make sure we are cared for, fed, protected. As we grow into adulthood and begin our lives, those relationships change to advisory, usually respect filled roles as the heads of our families. But, what happens when our parents advance in years and their care falls squarely on us as their children, all the while maintaining those familial roles?

Safe Snow Shoveling

Nice Spring weather we're having, right? And while Wyoming is just showing us that winter weather should be expected practically all year round, these late spring snows also mean that they are often heavier and denser than their mid-Winter counterparts. Below we've listed some surefire snow removal techniques that will help your back and heart health as we wait for the last of the snow for awhile!

Ingrown Toenails: A Common Problem

Just the thought of an ingrown toenail probably makes most people want to avoid the subject. But they are a reality of life for most people. Odds are if you haven't had an ingrown toenail yet in your life you will, and by and large all of us will at one point be on the receiving end of this malady. What causes it and how can you treat it? We asked Memorial Hospital of Converse County Podiatrist Dr. Craig Capron about this subject and asked for input on why it happens but also what we can do about it.

Being Well, a Focus On the Whole Patient

It's not too far of a stretch to say, if you get sick, you go to the hospital, right? And for well over a century, that's been the thought process. Hospitals are there for when you are ill. But what if there is a different way to approach your health, a preventative whole body approach that hospitals are looking to in order to not just see patients when they are ill, but to be there and actively involved in the quality of the life of the patient?

Infant Immunization Awareness

Coming home with your baby is one of the most exciting moments for parents. You're now flying solo, in charge of every diaper, learning to feed and what cries mean what need. It's a time where you truly learn who this new person is, and with all of the items sent home from the hospital with new parents one of the most crucial bits of information included is the immunization schedule.

Life In The Lab

The vampires, the blood suckers, takers, testers… They often get met with a bit of anxiety when we see them coming. And it's nothing personal, it's that thing in their hand right? The needle. Well these unspoken heroes of healthcare are called phlebotomists or lab professionals and the entire week of April 23-29 is dedicated to celebrating the contributions they bring to health care.

Plantar Fasciitis - What Is It and How Do You Treat It?

Your feet. They hold up your entire body, day after day. You may not give a great deal of thought to the base of your body… until you begin to experience pain. What many of us may not realize is that at some point in our lives we can develop Plantar Fasciitis.