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10 Questions With Jenn Rinn

Jennifer Rinn is a familiar face around Douglas and Converse County. A native of the town, she recently took on the Executive Director role for the Converse County Hospital Foundation in April of this year. Speaking with Jenn we wanted to find out more about her hopes for supporting healthcare in our County, what the foundation works to achieve and what are some of the unique challenges in being the public face of an organization driven to helping others.

What drew you to work in the Converse County community and especially to the Hospital Foundation?

I was born and raised in Douglas. When my family had the opportunity to move back 10 years ago we jumped at the chance. I love this town and am so happy to be living and working here. Working at the Converse County Hospital Foundation is especially great for me, because it gives me an opportunity to give back to the community in such a big way. The importance of quality healthcare in our rural community is obvious. I want my family and friends to have access to the best possible care. I believe that I can help in that goal in this role, and I love that!

Why is public and philanthropic support of our healthcare community so vital?

Having the public's support is necessary. Without the support of the community as a whole, our foundation and hospital cannot succeed. I feel that we are so lucky to have such a philanthropic minded community and I am so grateful for all the ways the people of Douglas give! I hope that we can continue to provide ways through the foundation for individuals to have an real impact on sustaining a great hospital.

With taking on the Executive Directors role For the Hospital Foundation, what challenges are present?

There are always challenges when taking on a new role. It is especially tough right now with the economic challenges that our wonderful state is facing. Quality healthcare must stay a priority even in these hard times. I hope to continue the great work of the Converse County Hospital Foundation and maintain old relationships and forge new partnerships.

What is the purpose of the Converse County Hospital Foundation?

Converse County Hospital Foundation (CCHF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to enhance the services, programs and patient care provided to the community by Memorial Hospital of Converse County and healthcare systems through increased philanthropic support. Through fundraising, investing and effective management, the Foundation raises important funds for programs, services and equipment not fully funded by healthcare dollars. When individuals, businesses and foundations make a gift to the CCHF, they become part of the ongoing mission of the Foundation, which is to make a difference in meeting the healthcare needs of today and challenges of tomorrow.

Which challenges are you most excited about tackling?

Honestly, I am really excited about being part of such a great organization. The CCHF and MHCC are both filled with fabulous people, all working together to give the people of Converse County the best healthcare possible. I am very excited to plan and execute the annual fundraising dinner, Boots 'n' Bling, and bring back the annual golf tournament.

What are ways we in the community can support healthcare in Converse County?

Individuals and businesses can support healthcare in Converse County in many ways. The most important thing you can do to support healthcare in our county is use our facilities and providers. The providers in Douglas are top notch, and it is so nice to have healthcare options right here at home. You can also volunteer your time as part of our ambassadors program or for Converse County Hospital Foundation events. Financial contributions can be made in many ways. You can attend a CCHF event, Sponsor an event, donate to capital projects, make annual donations and/or be part of the CCHF Fifty Families. Fifty Families is a special group of families committed to supporting the vision of the Converse County Hospital Foundation by providing annual financial contributions to be used to promote healthcare in Converse County. The contributions received each year will be used to help fund special projects or purchase specialized medical equipment at Memorial Hospital of Converse County. I would love to spend time answering questions anyone may have about the different giving opportunities.

What is your own "Healthcare Why" story?

I have 3 children and many other family members that live here in Douglas. Because of that fact, it is very important to me that they along my friends and all the other people of Converse County have access to quality healthcare. I feel so lucky that we have great providers and options right here in our town, and I want that to continue. I want CCHF to be forever striving toward the goal of "enhancing the services, programs and patient care" here is Converse County.

What are some of the goals you would like to see for the healthcare community in Converse County?

I think that the goal I would like to see continued here in Converse County is constant improvement and working toward providing our community with the best health care options. MHCC has come a long way in the past decade. I think that the best goal is to keep that progression going, to keep making changes that are needed to provide our ever changing community with the healthcare that it needs and deserves.

Being the public face of any organization can feel like a tremendous responsibility, what are some ways you feel you can reach out to the greater community to involve them?

I do feel that I have a responsibility to portray the CCHF in the best way possible. My main goals are to be present in our community, stay approachable and listen to what our community has to say about the healthcare needs in our town. I would like to make the CCHF events open to anyone who wants to attend and learn more about the organization. I think that the more people "know us" the more successful we will be.

What are some of the things we can expect on the horizon from CCHF?

We are currently in the home stretch of our capital fundraising for the MHCC ED Remodel project. The renovation is coming along great and these improvements will amount other things, increase patient privacy and satisfaction.

Our annual fundraising dinner, previously billed as Denim and Diamonds is back this year with a new name: Boots 'n' Bling. It will be held on Saturday, October 7 at the Ft Reno Building. The public is encouraged to attend. We are also bringing back our annual Golf Tournament, although that won't happen until summer of 2018.

We are also revitalizing our Fifty Families program, and looking for more individuals and businesses to join that philanthropic group of supporters.

Please visit our website,, to find details and additional information on all things Converse County Hospital Foundation.