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Cardiology Services Increased at Memorial Hospital of Converse County

Dr. Allan Mattern has always been intrigued by advancing medicine and the developments that have improved lives. During his more than 40-year career as a cardiologist, he has seen many changes in the field.

"I always liked cardiology because it's a combination of medicine and surgery," Dr. Mattern said. "It's fascinating because it's a rapidly changing medical field."

To stay abreast of all the changes, Dr. Mattern is constantly reading medical journals and researching the latest developments. With years of advancements and more on the horizon, Dr. Mattern said the field has seen a huge transformation that equates to better health care for individuals living with heart disease and other cardiovascular related ailments.

"We're much more aware of prevention and treatments are far more effective," Dr. Mattern said. "It's evolving very rapidly. There's some fascinating stuff on the horizon."

For almost three decades, Dr. Mattern has been a provider with Wyoming Cardiopulmonary Services in Casper. But since his retirement there, he's been lending his expertise to Memorial Hospital of Converse County where he's helping ramp up additional cardiology services.

"There's an opportunity here to expand services a bit," Dr. Mattern said. "If you have a strong family history of heart disease or you have your own heart issues, and you want to stay local, we can provide a very definitive service for you. We can provide a lot of services and you don't need to travel out of town."

While acute care will still need to be addressed at a larger hospital, the physicians at Memorial Hospital of Converse County are able to provide a wealth of services to those impacted by cardiovascular disease. From stress tests to monitoring of long-term heart conditions, Dr. Mattern and the staff at Memorial Hospital of Converse County are able to provide services to the community that would otherwise require them to drive to larger communities for treatment.

But when more advanced services are required, Dr. Mattern can refer patients to other hospitals in the region, or even nationally if needed.

"What I like here is there is very good support from the support staff," Dr. Mattern said. "It's just a nice atmosphere to work in. I'm very impressed with the administration here."

That atmosphere is one that Dr. Mattern said he sees as a positive impact for patients. Because the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, patients are more comfortable and satisfied with their health care.

"The patient is the primary thing and they want to provide a good experience for patients," Dr. Mattern said. "Patient care level here is very, very good. I'm impressed with the level of services provided to the patients."

That patient focus is what drew Dr. Mattern to Memorial Hospital of Converse County. Because he values the many patients he has worked with through the years, Mattern said seeing a hospital administration with the same value was refreshing.

"One of the joys of medicine is talking to patients," Dr. Mattern said. "It's a very intimate relationship, so they have trust in what you're doing. I enjoy talking to the patients and learning about them."

Dr. Mattern is now available at Memorial Hospital of Converse County via referral from general practitioners. For those interested in receiving cardiology care conveniently at the hospital, call 307-358-7300 to set up an appointment.