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Converse County Hospital Foundation Fifty Families Initiative Helps Fund MHCC Technology Needs For New Providers

The Converse County Hospital Foundation is proud to announce that the funds raised from our Fifty Families Program have been applied to facilitate a new and much needed piece of technology for the surgery unit of Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

The capital funding request for a Zeiss Pentero Classic Microscope was presented to the CCHF Board at the May meeting by Memorial Hospital CEO, Ryan Smith. The equipment helps in both the realms of ear, nose, throat surgeries as well as delivering greater accuracy for providers who work on the spinal cord and other highly precise areas.

"We are very fortunate to have Dr. Freeman, Dr. Beer, and now Dr. Schubert join us at Memorial Hospital this summer and are extremely thankful for the Converse County Hospital Foundation's purchase of the Zeiss Pentero Microscope," stated Memorial Hospital Converse County CEO Ryan Smith. "All providers will be able to use the microscope to visualize the surgical field during procedures."

"We have had so many of our CCHF supporters step up to join our Fifty Families group this past year, that we now actually have more than Fifty Families! The funds raised through the Fifty Families program each year are used to help fund special projects or purchase specialized medical equipment at Memorial Hospital of Converse County," said Jenn Rinn, Director of the Converse County Hospital Foundation, "This year, we are grateful that we were able to make a significant contribution to the purchase of the Zeiss Pentero Classic microscope. Investing in these scenarios, providing capital support for the Hospital, so the framework of advanced medicine in our community is continuously assessed and assisted, shows that Fifty Families works! We thank our community for their ongoing generosity and support."

Converse County Hospital Foundation (CCHF) is a not-for-profit corporation whose goal is to enhance the services, programs and patient care provided to the community by Converse County hospitals and healthcare systems through philanthropic support. Fifty Families is a special group of families who understand and support the mission of the Converse County Hospital Foundation.

If you would like to find out more information on Fifty Families or would like more information on Converse County Hospital Foundation as a whole, please reach out to Executive Director, Jenn Rinn.