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Inspiring Confidence - Memorial Hospital of Converse County Offers New Aesthetic Treatments

Dark circles, wrinkles and laugh lines are all a part of growing older. However, the signs of aging often impact self-confidence and state of mind for many people. For about two years, Memorial Hospital of Converse County has been helping those lines disappear with aesthetic treatments like Botox, Juvederm and now VOLUMA.

"Our goal is to make people feel better and to make the aging process more acceptable," said Kellie Clausen, family nurse practitioner at Memorial Hospital of Converse County. "My patients were asking for it, so we started talking about it and thought it would be fun and it has been."

About a year ago, MHCC added Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Ultra XC. Clausen said she's most excited about rolling out the new Voluma products.

"People are seeing great results and we're excited to have these available in our community," Clausen said. "Voluma is an easy way to add volume and just help you feel better about your appearance."

The Juvederm product lines are typically used on the cheeks, lips and around the mouth area to smooth out the face and add volume to thinning lips and cheek lines. Botox is typically used on the top half of the face to smooth out crow feet and other wrinkles.

"Botox is a biological that freezes the muscle under the wrinkle, causing a smoother effect," Clausen said. "It takes about 10 days for Botox to kick in."

While there is some bruising and discomfort that can occur during and after the treatment, within just a few days patients will have noticeable changes in the appearance of their skin. Clausen recommends patients get the procedures done two to three weeks prior to big events such as weddings and class reunions.

"There are very few side effects," Clausen said. "The people who do it, love it."

From twenty-somethings to patients well into their prime, Memorial Hospital of Converse County is offering these services to help people feel better about themselves and curb some of the natural aging process. Botox typically lasts about three to four months while the Juvederm products last a year or longer and Voluma up to two years.

"The younger you start, the less wrinkling you get long-term," Clausen said. "It slows the aging process. The more you stay on top of it, the longer it lasts."

Clausen has received advanced training to administer these cosmetic treatments. Clausen and her Medical Assistant Tara Parks say they also enjoy helping patients feel better about themselves.

"People walk out happy," Clausen said. "It's like the best haircut you've ever had."

And more news Memorial Hospital of Converse County will also add Kybella, which dissolves fat under the chin area. Approved by the FDA since last year, Kybella works by destroying fat cells under the chin. Eventually, Clausen said they hope to have the technology to offer laser hair removal.

"There's a whole world of esthetics out there," Clausen said. "The real benefit is how you feel about yourself."

MHCC will host a special event on September 22nd to introduce Voluma to the community. Appointments will be scheduled every 15 minutes and the product offered for the event will be Botox. The cost for the procedure is $10 per unit with a minimum of 20 Units per person. A 10 percent discount on Botox will be offered at the event and information about all the products will be included.

"We'll have a fun night out," Clausen said. "It's all about how you feel afterward."

To schedule an appointment during the event, call 307-358-7300 and ask for Tara.