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Keeping Track of Your Success

We've all been there, you get excited about a diet change, or a new eating plan comes out and it's all the rage amongst your friends and family and you are ready! But then a couple of weeks pass and you are now looking at what was once a pretty exciting change with sheer boredom.

It's not uncommon, it's the human condition. How do you keep yourself actively engaged even if after a couple of weeks you aren' seeing any physical change in yourself?

Keeping aware of successes no matter how small or minute can keep you engaged in change and help pave your way to making even larger strides in longterm lifestyle changes. Read on as we discuss 5 surefire ways to stay on target to success!

1. Celebrate Victories, Large or SMALL!

It's no secret that we all seem to measure success by that scale in the corner. But your wellness journey is far more than a number on a scale. Did you turn down popcorn at the movies in favor of sipping down a bottle of water? Celebrate! What about taking a walk that was just a little longer in distance or time? Celebrate! Ready to challenge yourself to go further, another reason to celebrate! If you are making healthier choices in your life and make a solid healthier choice that means so much more to continuing to make those choices as your confidence surely grows!

2. Realize That Change Takes Time

It takes about 6 weeks to really notice all of these changes large and small you have been making, add about 4 weeks more for the people around you to notice. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your body won't instantly shed weight or feel amazing after a few days of healthy choices. Stick with it and realize your future self is going that thank you for doing so!

3. Keep A Food Journal

Tracking success means you actually track. Luckily in our tech savvy society there's an app for that! In the app stores now there are multiple applications that help you to track your food intake. They also give you an idea of caloric intake, fat grams, carbohydrates and protein. Dig deeper and they will tell you your vitamin and mineral intake as well! Most come with bar code scanners too so it's as simple as scanning your food as you prep and it's logged into your app for future use.

4. Get A Lifestyle Change Buddy

It's harder to stay on a journey if you are going it alone. Bring along some company. Not only will they help you stay on target but the added camraderie helps both of you to get through it together and also celebrate successes side by side. Humans are social in nature and we like to share our lives, and that means the highs, the lows and everything in between. So throw a net out there and see who is interested in not only supporting you but coming along for the ride!

5. Measure in Inches, Not Pounds

There is a myth out there that muscle "weighs more than" fat. Actually muscle is simply more dense and takes up less space. So if you are eating right, making good choices and have begun to hit the gym you may not see the needle on the scale move as quickly as you thought. One of the reasons could be you are swapping fat out for muscle which is a great problem to have! Another reason you can't depend on that scale is it doesn't differentiate between fat, water or muscle it just gives you a number. Get a good measuring tape and every week to two weeks measure your waist, hips, arms, legs and keep a journal to actively monitor your strides! You will also notice you have more energy, more alertness and are better able in this time to complete exercises that maybe you had difficulty with when you started.

Whatever your wellness goals keep in mind your healthcare provider is a partner in this right along with you. Talk with them about your questions, concerns and ask them to give you a check up a little more often as you go through these changes.