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Lullaby and Welcome To The World

If you hear the strains of Brahms Lullaby wafting through the air of Memorial Hospital of Converse County, it's not our attempt to lull you to sleep! Recently our Labor and Delivery Department instituted an audio signal to the entire hospital, this musical interlude into our day let's us all know that a baby has just come into the world and it's a moment to celebrate!

Many hospitals all over the country have a similar audio cue, but this decision marks MHCC joining those ranks. When a baby is born, a simple press of a button on the Labor & Delivery phone sends out the chime for all to hear.

Kasey Powell comments, "I think the biggest benefit is that it brings joy to people's day. I've had so many folks stop me, smiling, and say 'Oh yay! We had a baby today?" Kasey also mentioned that some have had concerns that playing this signal is a possible security risk. "I've reminded all staff that we are a locked down unit, so as long as all doors remain closed at all times, it shouldn't be a risk. We have also been sure to ask parents their permission before playing the chimes as some may want to keep the birth private."

The response has been positive by staff and visitor alike, often smiles are seen and the hustle of a busy facility seems to slow for just a moment as the lullaby comes over the speakers. It's a recognition that indeed everyday miracles make their entrance up on our third floor, and we are glad to joyfully welcome them all into this world.