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Memorial Hospital of Converse County 5K Provides a Great Way to Start Your Fitness Journey Today

As America's waistlines have widened, so have the number of health care problems including diabetes and heart disease to strokes and hypertension. While all of these health issues can be life-threatening, it's not easy to battle the bulge. But Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Population Director Tom Holt is encouraging community members to make a change to a healthier lifestyle today.

"Someday, the only thing that will matter will be your health," Holt said. "And actually, that day is today, not just some time in the far future. Sure, at MHCC we'd like to be the one you turn to when you get sick or injured, but way more important than that, we are here to help you live the best life possible -- starting today. We want you to have personal optimum wellness, today because your life consists of todays."

Memorial Hospital of Converse County officials, doctors, nurses and staff are committed to helping the community be more health aware. The small, subtle changes can lead to big results when it comes to your healthy improvement.

"I guarantee, if you go out and walk around the block with your family or friends, you'll feel better physically and emotionally," Holt said. "Without social connectedness, there's stress. Excess stress is a contributor to chronic disease development. Reducing stress through physical activity and social connectedness combats stress and builds resiliency and a positive attitude."

This Saturday, May 14, Memorial Hospital of Converse County is offering that opportunity for friends and families to connect at its 2016 Annual 5K Wellness Run and Walk. Registration for the event begins at 8 a.m. with a start time of 9 a.m. A number of celebratory activities are planned with refreshments provided from the hospital's Arbor Café.

Once the 5K is over, Holt invites community members to stop by to talk about other healthy lifestyle decisions from eating right to fitting in an exercise routine into busy schedules.

"If you've never run before, then come talk to me at MHCC," Holt said. "I'd be happy to give advice on all aspects of running (i.e., getting started, preventing injury or becoming more competitive)."

To contact Holt about making lifestyle changes to improve your health, call 307-358-2122 ext. 2026.