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Memorial Hospital of Converse County Celebrates Mothers Every Day

For 17 years Susan Gonzales has been a registered nurse, the last four spent in the labor and delivery department at Memorial Hospital of Converse County. During that time, she has helped countless women become mothers during child birth. In fact about 15 babies are born at the hospital every month.

"I enjoy helping bring new life into the world," Gonzales said. "It's exciting to see the birth of a newborn baby and the looks on the faces of the new parents."

Gonzales is not alone in her joy of helping families bring new babies into the world. While the staff in the labor and delivery department is well-trained and prepared to help women during the birthing process, they also become an integral part of each woman's story as she becomes a mom.

"It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of a woman's journey to becoming a mother," said Dr. Casey Starks, family medical practitioner. "I really enjoy caring for women during their pregnancy and delivery, as well as caring for the infant and mom after delivery."

While each pregnancy itself is unique, and what many declare as magical, the moment when a woman meets her child for the first time is a deeply profound experience, Starks said.

"The moment a mom first lays eyes on her little one is such an incredible moment – it is really difficult to put into words how special that moment is," Starks said. "I have the distinct privilege of witnessing this moment time and time again – and yet it continues to be so very special each time."

Now a mom herself, Dr. Starks knows firsthand just how special it is to be a mom and how it impacts every facet of your life. Being a parent has caused her to have an even greater appreciation for what her patients go through and all the intricacies of motherhood.

"Being a mom is unlike anything else, it is the most rewarding job I have," Starks said. "I still can't believe how much you can love someone the instant you meet them."

Not only does Memorial Hospital of Converse County administration and staff care about the experiences of patients, but also that of their employees. Recognizing there are special moments in everyone's lives from graduations and weddings to welcoming a child or grandchild into the world, the hospital leadership believes it's important to value employees as much as patients. That was the case for Memorial Hospital of Converse County Nurse Barb Matthews who recently had the pleasure of meeting her first grandchild, Kinley.

"It was pretty exciting," Matthews said. "It was pretty neat to go out there (Tacoma, Washington) and spend some time. I was appreciative that the hospital gave me time off to go do that."

A nurse for 36 years, Matthews has worked at Memorial Hospital of Converse County in the surgery department for three years and is pleased she was able to spend time with her first grandchild despite her busy work schedule.

"Both of my daughters (who also are nurses in other states) were surprised that within 48 hours I was able to be with the new grandbaby," Matthews said. "When someone else has something special that happens for them, then we all pitch in and help that happen for them as well."

That tight-knit community of employees helps to create a positive atmosphere for patients. And as employees and patients celebrate Mother's Day May 8, Memorial Hospital of Converse County doctors, nurses and staff wish all moms a wonderful day.

"I hope all of the moms, in the least traditional and most inclusive use of the word, feel loved and celebrated this Mother's Day," Starks said.