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MHCC Names New Director of Inpatient Nursing

One of the areas our hospital has continuously excelled in recent years has been in the compassionate level of care our patients receive on our third floor. The dedicated nurses, providers, and staff who attend to the needs of our patients define the continued promise we make to our community: "To Deliver Excellent Care With Compassion."

Recently, we selected a leader to help lead our exceptional third-floor in-patient care team and to apply her innate skills to helping keep this promise to our community. We are delighted to announce that Kasey Powell was offered and accepted the role of Director of Inpatient Nursing!

Kasey, who was recommended by a panel of her peers, had this to say upon placement into the position, "I have received a tremendous amount of support from third-floor staff and physicians and have felt very welcomed in this new role. Also, a lot of support felt from the other leaders around the organization," said Powell when asked about stepping into a leadership position at Memorial Hospital. "It's been a great fit because I have experience in both Med Surg and OB which makes it handy to be able to jump in and help on either unit when needed."

We wish Kasey all the best in this new and exciting role!