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MHCC Provides Stellar Urgent Care for South Central Wyoming

Whether it's a case of the flu that just won't go away, an ear infection or even a suspected broken bone, Memorial Hospital of Converse County Urgent Care physician assistants, nurses and staff members are prepared to address the urgent medical needs of the community. Conveniently open Monday through Friday from 7 am. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the providers at Urgent Care offer much of the same services as a primary care doctor, and even the emergency room, on a walk-in basis.

"If you have an illness or injury and want to be seen in a quick, timely, professional manner, come see us," said Phil Tigert, one of the three physician assistants at Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Urgent Care. "If they can't get in to see their physicians, they can get into see us."

Upon walking into Memorial Hospital of Converse County's Urgent Care, patients are warmly greeted by receptionists Donovan Edwards or Shelly McVay. Once checked in, the flow at the Urgent Care goes smoothly with patients welcomed into an exam room by one of the nurses or medical assistants — Judy Naughton, Mel Shackelford or Anita Casperson. From there, patients can discuss what has brought them into the Urgent Care before being seen by one of the physician assistants – Oscar Aguirre, Lew Cooksey or Phil Tigert.

Each of the physician assistants come with extensive backgrounds in urgent care and other medical service areas. With more than 70 years of combined experience, they are prepared to meet the needs of patients, emphasizing quality patient care.

"I enjoy the most that it's different every day," Aguirre said. "The flow is different, the patients are different every day."

Even though there is little regularity to his daily schedule, Aguirre said he also enjoys the consistency provided in serving a small town. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Aguirre said Douglas provides a close-knit community atmosphere where many times he ends up treating patients on a semi-regular basis.

"Because of the size of the town, it feels more like taking care of your family," Aguirre said. "Here you start to get to know people and you see them in the community and you feel like you have a connection with them."

That connection is something that Tigert said he recognizes in serving the community as well. Because of that, he said he really tries to connect with patients and treat them like family.

"I try to treat people like I would expect my family to be treated," Tigert said. "We're all nice and pleasant to work with."

The newest team member, Lew Cooksey, comes from a military background, serving as a corpsman in Vietnam, and more recently working at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Casper. Working in Douglas has been a nice change of pace for Cooksey who says he enjoys being able to spend a few extra minutes with patients to ensure that all of their needs are being met.

"My reward is to focus on the patient," Cooksey said. "Here, sometimes we have the luxury to spend enough time to take care of more needs. If somebody needs an extra minute here or there, we can do that."

So whether it's a urinary tract infection, an unexplained rash or some other ailment, the Urgent Care providers are prepared to meet patients' needs on a moment's notice.

"We can handle most emergencies," Aguirre said. "Just call to find out. We're happy to troubleshoot for you."

For questions about the services at Urgent Care, call 307-358-7359 or stop by the Urgent Care in the Medical Office Building at 700 E. Center St.