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Mix It Up Challenge - September 12th-18th

Our September Health Challenge is rolling right along and we wanted to keep you updated as to your choices to participate right along with us this week. So peruse your daily options below and let us know how you are planning to Mix It Up This Month! You can also sign up for this challenge at:

September 12th

  • No Dairy Today
  • Try to get 8+ Hours of Sleep
  • Pass Along a Random Act of Kindness

September 13th

  • No Bread or Pasta
  • Sit Less - Walk More
  • Drink Water w/Lemon

September 14th

  • Write & Send a Thank You Note
  • Eat More Veggies
  • Walk During Your Work Break or After A Meal

September 15th

  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  • 15 Minute Walk
  • Meditate

September 16th

  • No Grains Today
  • Fit in a 10 Minute Stretch
  • Start a Health Journal

September 17th

  • Go On A Long Walk
  • Cut Out The Soda
  • Eat More Fiber

September 18th

  • Do a Buddy Workout
  • Eat Grass Fed Meats
  • Plan a Family Event like a Picnic or Movie or Game Night!

Got others ways you are going to Mix It Up This Month With Us? Let us know on our Facebook Page!