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Rural Students Give The Gift Of Comfort With Life Skills Lesson!

On Thursday afternoon, students and staff from the Moss Agate Rural School presented Memorial Hospital of Converse County with a custom, handmade Mickey and Minnie quilt. What’s special about this quilt is it was made by the students!

Last fall, the students did a unit on life skills and one of those life skills was learning how to sew. With the help of their teachers, the students learned how sew a 9-patch square by hand. After each student completed their square, they decided to put them together to make a quilt. It took them about a month and a half to complete the quilt, working on it one day a week for an hour. The back of the quilt has the signatures of all the students who helped make the quilt.

Once the quilt was complete, the students all agreed that they wanted to donate it to the hospital. “Knowing that the quilt was designed for kids, the students decided that they wanted to donate it to the hospital for kids who might be scared or need to stay warm,” said teacher Carl Kosters. The quilt will be used in the Pediatric room on third floor to help provide cheer and comfort for our little patients.


Caleb Casey

Jillian Ewing

Riley Pearce

Logan Shoemaker

Reese Reagan

Isabel Casey

Wyatt Ewing

Jack Isenberger

Morgan Turner

Olivia Ewing

Guthry Gates

Parker Pearce

Mikaela Pitts

Kaden Turner

Luke Isenberger

Marlee Philbrick

Paden Shoemaker

Lexi Doherty

Sofia Pitts

Kaeley Reagan

CJ Veldhuizen

Josilyn Price


Jackie Holt

Carl Kosters

Morgan Hays

Jacque Pexton

Dick Pexton