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Summer Series - Skin Care in the Sunshine

The skin we inhabit is more than just a thing to be washed occasionally. It’s actually the largest organ on our body. And the care of or lack of care can determine how we are doing overall. Skin acts as a barrier to outside forces, but it also needs protection. With the Summer sun in full swing that means taking some added precautions to keep from burns, blistering or even developing skin cancer down the road. The UV Index has been reaching 10+, and with that number being indicated this means we should all exercise caution when out and about in the sun.

We’ve listed some tried and true tips to get you through the rest of summer with some healthy skin considerations!

Lather Up

It’s no joke that you should wear sunscreen all year, but the summer sun makes what you might consider an option in December more of a must do June through August. In Wyoming our sun doesn’t kid around and begins to cause burns even in late April. Covering your exposed skin with at least an SPF of 15, or even greater if you plan to be out for extended periods, will help provide an protective barrier.

Cover Up

The sun being present means dressing coolly, but you may want to reconsider tanks and shorts. There are many options for fabrics with venting that can protect your skin while also increasing a barrier. Several outdoor clothing companies in recent years have designed clothes which boast their own SPF qualities while also looking fashionable. They also come with the added bonus of being breathable and you can usually wear them not just when the sun is out but also when it gets cooler on summer evenings.

Limit Your Exposure

We are lucky in our area of America that Wyoming boasts some truly spectacular sunshine. Our days also tend to go much longer than average and we can usually spy tendrils of sunshine even into the later evening hours. If you can avoid being out in the heat of the day, Noon-3pm on average, be sure to stay inside or find a shade spot to keep out of the sun at its zenith.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Just like your internal organs, your external organ needs hydration. Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Increasing water intake has a whole host of other health benefits, but for your skin it can help with increased circulation and even excretion. Increasing water, even just for two weeks can improve the health of your skin and aid it in performing its best.

If You Burn, Take Care Of It

All the best laid plans and you can possibly burn even without realizing it. When and if this happens be sure to care for it with aloe, and refrain from repeated exposure. If the burn does peel, refrain from aiding the peeling by picking or rubbing at the site. If the burn appears to linger, get worse, or is blistering, seek medical care for assistance in determining the best course of action.