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Survivor Bell Now Hangs at the Stella Beard Infusion Center

On October 24th Sara Emery and her parents, George and Becky, presented Memorial Hospital and the Stella Beard Infusion Center with a bronze bell to be hung iin the Stella Beard Infusion Center. Inspired by her own chemo journey, Emery wanted to give something back to Memorial Hospital. “The hospital was great,” said Emery. “I had no symptoms before my mammogram and was so thankful they (MHCC) detected the spot early.”

Sara received treatments in Casper at Rocky Mountain Oncology and is pleased that chemo patients now have a local option for treatment. “It is so great that patients can now receive chemo in Douglas,” said Emery. “Those days of driving back and forth were really tough; it would have been great to have someplace closer to home.” While receiving her own treatments, Emery watched as patients who received their final chemo treatments rang a bronze survivor’s bell. “At first I thought it was a little strange when patients rang the bell to an applause-filled room, but over time I began to understand the significance,” said Emery.

Thanks to the generous gift from the Emery’s, patients in Douglas will also have the opportunity to “ring the bell” following their final treatment. The bell and the accompanying plaque are located just outside the Stella Beard Infusion Center.