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We Remember. We Remain Cathcart Strong.

As we say good-bye this weekend to Billy Cathcart, we remember and will honor him always.

"Compassion. That's the word for Billy," said Robynn Scheele, director of MHCC's Emergency Department, when asked to sum up Billy Cathcart in a word. "Anything Billy did, he did for others."

This past week our staff reeled in sadness it seemed from one passing to the next. Hospitals are where most of us will come into the world and most will also pass out of it. But, it's a different feeling when it's one of your own.

Billy Cathcart, was just 37 years old when he passed this Wednesday at 2 am on the Hospital's 3rd floor. His beloved wife by his side, he breathed his last. But, if we are to look back at Billy's life words you often hear are: family, honesty, care, compassion. He spent his life caring for the needs of others from coaching his children's sports teams, to volunteering with his fellow fire fighters to even returning to school at the Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne to become a Paramedic; so he could give even more of himself to his community. An EMT-I on our ambulance crew since February of 2007, Billy helped serve the citizens of our communities of Douglas and Glenrock in sometimes their worst moments. He could always be seen caring for the needs of patients, his life was one that was centered around others.

There is passage of scripture from the Gospel according to St. John that rings true when we think of Billy: "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." With his life he lived to serve others, even in the midst of his own battle with cancer he was always in the thick of loving his wife, his kids, and assisting his friends, his community. According to this passage and by his life, it's safe to say Billy loved all.

We will miss Billy, his honesty, his care, his compassion. We will miss that consistent example he gave in our community that you can indeed put your family and others first and live a good and true life. But we will remember him as we as a community go forward together, we will honor his memory every time someone else's needs come before our own. We will remain Cathcart Strong.