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What To Expect: The Summer Months

The blazing summer sun beating down in Wyoming is enough to cause anyone to break into an intense sweat. If you are an expecting mother planning to give birth this summer, this adds to the exhaustion of a season that is already taxing by itself. Regardless of whether you have experienced a summer pregnancy before, Memorial Hospital of Converse County is here to provide you with some tips for this season from our OB/GYN providers!

Body temperature regulation is key. Along with the increase in outdoor temperatures in the summer, your pregnancy also causes your body temperature to rise. Here are some tips to keep you cool so you and your baby stay safe and healthy, especially as you approach your third trimester:

  • Wear loose, light clothing and try to avoid dark colors. Some suggestions include adding flowy tops and dresses to your wardrobe mix to keep your body ventilated. Lighter colors absorb less sunlight and will help keep you cooler in the Wyoming summer heat.
  • Exercise is a crucial component to keeping you and your baby in optimal health throughout your pregnancy. However, it can be difficult to find safe ways to exercise in the heat. Swimming in a cool pool is an excellent mode of exercise in the summer. Not only is it a low-impact activity for your joints, which experience more stress your pregnancy, but it can also help your body to regulate temperature better than land exercises.
  • Make sure you are staying well-hydrated and taking in plenty of water and fluids. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists advises expectant mothers to drink between eight and twelve cups of water (between 64 and 96 ounces) each day. If you aren’t a fan of water, try to add in some fresh summer fruit or vegetables to infuse your drink with some flavor!

You might experience an increase in edema throughout the summer. Here are some ways you can combat this swelling and maintain comfort:

  • Wear open-toed shoes or adjustable, supportive sandals that can accommodate for changes in the size or shape of your feet. Not only can sandals offer comfort and adaptability, but they are also a tasteful addition to your maternity wardrobe.
  • Make sure you are maintaining circulation in your extremities that experience swelling. Try to incorporate ankle pumps or circles on a daily basis to help reduce fluid buildup in your feet and ankles.
  • Elevate areas of your body that are swollen to help move out fluid. What better season is there to do this than summer? Grab a chair outside near the pool or lake and prop up your legs while you kick back and relax.

Planning healthy meals is another vital component to ensuring you and your little one receive the best possible nutrition each trimester. Here are some suggestions for managing your nutrition during your pregnancy:

  • Summer months bring fresh fruit to farms and grocery stores at lower prices. Take advantage of this! Berries, watermelon, and apples are ripe during the summer, making it easier to incorporate these into your snacks and meals.
  • Dark, leafy greens offer wonderful nutritional benefits. However, they are not always enticing to eat plain. Consider adding seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and carrots to these greens in salads or other recipes so you are meeting you and your baby’s daily vegetable needs.

You can receive more information or schedule an appointment to receive personalized care from a physician on our obstetrics team. Memorial Hospital of Converse County is here to serve expecting mothers and families in Wyoming with experienced obstetrics and gynecology providers.