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Nursing Careers

At Memorial Hospital of Converse County, we value and continuously recognize the countless contributions our nursing staff has made to delivering excellent care with compassion to the patients of eastern Wyoming! No matter what role you fill at MHCC, your day is filled with like-minded, caring & compassionate staff. The kind of people who view their role as more than just "a job" and see you as more than a "coworker." Our staff looks to their roles as their vocation, their coworkers as their family.

Here is what our nurses have to say about working at Memorial Hospital of Converse County and providing patient-centered care everyday:

About Us

You should be HERE!
Memorial Hospital of Converse County is a state-of-the-art, board certified, award-winning healthcare organization. Our main campus is located in Douglas, Wyoming, with outlying regional clinics in the surrounding towns of Casper, Gillette, Riverton, Glenrock, Guernsey, Torrington, Lusk, Wheatland, & Lander.

We have created a unique healthcare system, designed around our patients and built by our employees. We recognize the countless contributions our nursing staff has made to the organization we are and how we can provide consistent patient-centered care representing the utmost quality in the region. Find out more about Converse County and our area in Wyoming by clicking here!

Continue your story with MHCC!
If you are looking to continue your career in healthcare where you are truly valued - and join a community where the patient comes first - look no further! Memorial Hospital of Converse County is the perfect place to follow your passions and make a difference in people's lives. We have spent the last 70 years learning, growing, and developing into one of the best healthcare systems Wyoming has to offer. Memorial Hospital's success is built upon our staff and the difference they make in the lives of our patients.

Dream with US!
Everybody has a dream. It's what pushed us to become better and motivates us to do more. Your goals may include travel, family, a home of your own, early retirement, higher educational opportunities, or maximizing your potential in personal growth. Our dream: To become the best healthcare organization in Wyoming. Pretty lofty aspirations for a 25-bed critical access hospital, we know. But we also know bigger doesn't always mean better, right?

The words Hometown Care mean something to us, and it's a part of our culture we bring to each procedure, each clinic visit, each patient we encounter. We look after our patients as if they were our family, friends, and neighbors because they are! Our size allows us to focus on our patients, easily track their progress, and develop individualized healthcare plans for each person.

To quote one of our providers: "MHCC is without a doubt one of the most unique healthcare organizations I have ever been a part of. To be able to converse with other providers and staff and have their compassionate input on each patient makes the whole experience truly one in a million. You don't find places like MHCC every day, and it's an honor to be a part of this hospital!"


About You

We value YOU!
Nurses are such an integral part of our organization; without them, nothing gets accomplished for our patients and the health of our region. We truly mean that. We value the immense contributions our nursing staff makes cumulatively an individually to our organization and routinely recognize these efforts as an entire body. We as well partner with the local Nursing Programs in our area to work to sponsor the next generation of Nurses in our region. We always want to be a part of that conversation: shining a light on how crucial this role is to any organization and never taking for granted the hard work, sacrifice, education, and years of experience it takes to provide exceptional care in the role of a nurse.

We have worked to make and keep decision making local for our Nursing staff and have a Shared Governance panel to address concerns and help problem-solve with the very people who need to be at that table so that everyone benefits from the process. Our salary and benefits packages are generous and represent some of the healthiest in the state. We not only want to recruit great nurses, but we want to have you become part of our family, and we value your voice!

Opportunities to grow Together!
Find out about our current openings below. Tell us more about yourself, what you hope, dream, and wish to see in the coming years with your career in healthcare, where do you want to grow?

Let us know how you love to work with patients and how you appreciate the work of others in a team setting. Each of our positions is broken down further based on levels of experience and needed characteristics to bring to the job. We have also lined out what your day looks like and the specific responsibilities each role brings to our organization.


Current Openings

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