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GET R.E.A.L. 2.0 - Cohort Six

Our GET R.E.A.L. Program is returning in February to help a new cohort achieve their highest potential! GET R.E.A.L. stands for

  • R - Reason To Change
  • E - Eating Clean
  • A - Activity & Movement
  • L - Learning & Living A New Lifestyle

This program is designed to help each person reach their highest Human Potential, moving them towards being more productive, less absent and more satisfied with work. The program will include the occasional deep dive into the science and always be backed by modern medical research and peer reviewed data.​ Over the course of 14 Weeks, our GET R.E.A.L. program encourages a wellness-oriented lifestyle by adopting behaviors that promote an improved quality of life. Achieved through personalized plans, individualized sessions, and diagnostic data will be used to monitor progress and success. 1-hour weekly team meeting and 15-30 minute bi-weekly check-ins.​

The difference in the GET R.E.A.L. approach is that it truly is all about mindset and accountability. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you rest your head at night, everything is up to you. Your emotions, your thoughts, your perceptions, your reactions will define your success at every moment. The program works to help participants not only make effective lifestyle changes, but also helps them visualize what their "best selves" looks like. The weekly 1-hour team meetings cover a range of improvement topics which will include the following subjects:

  • Physical Activity
  • Water Consumption
  • Nutritional Habits
  • Sleep Habits
  • Toxins & Tobacco Use
  • Emotional Health
  • Financial Health
  • Spiritual Health & Purpose
  • Stress Management
  • Alcohol Use
  • Genetic Make-Up
  • Wellness Culture Both at Work & Home

... and more!

The program begins the First Week of February, 2020. It is free for all current Memorial Hospital of Converse County Staff. For immediate family members of our staff the cost is $161.50 - or can be broken out to $40.38 per month over four months​. For Non-Employees and Members of the Community the cost is $215, or again can be broken out in four monthly payments of $53.75. There are scholarships available, and those interested in applying should contact Tom Holt by calling the hospital main line at 307-358-2122, or click the button below to fill out a contact form for more information!

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We encourage anyone who is sincerely interested in creating a healthier lifestyle and significant changes in their health to consider trying the GET R.E.A.L. program. Of course please consult your physician or primary care provider before undertaking any exercise or diet regimen.