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CCHF Director, Jenn Rinn, To Help With Coordinating Community Donations - COVID-19

Monday, March 30, 2020

Contact: Karl Hertz

There’s a lot of love and support in our community. And at Memorial Hospital of Converse County we have felt that love, especially in this time where your support has been and continues to be crucial in our fight to slow the spread of COVID-19. While we appreciate the initiative many in our community have undertaken on their own, we need to ask for your patience and assistance as we work to coordinate these efforts for the greater good. So far we have already received over 1,500 Homemade, Procedure and N95 masks donated from our community! This is an astounding wave of support that we want to help support and organize further.

Jenn Rinn, the Executive Director of the Converse County Hospital Foundation, has agreed to step in and be our “Coordinator of Community Love” for this effort. The goals are to help figure out what our actual needs are at the hospital, and then communicate those to our community so everyone who wishes to help and share of their talents or resources can find a place. We want to make sure we ask for what we need, and we especially don’t want to stock up on additional resources where we have an abundance that could be used by other healthcare facilities at this time.

How can you help right now? There are many ways. Here are some items we need help on in the short term, click each of these for guides or further information:

“We are all in this together and we appreciate your many offers of how you can help,” stated Rinn. “If you want to show some love for our frontline folks, please contact me via phone (307) 359-3381 or email"

Another way to reach out is via our website contact form found here:

We again thank our community for your profound kindness and generosity. We are incredibly fortunate to be a member of Douglas and Converse County and you are helping us redefine the very meaning of Hometown Care!