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Converse County’s Ambulances Certified to be Pediatric Safe

Hospital news | Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Pediatric safety

Contact: Karl Hertz

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 08/15/2016- The Memorial Hospital of Converse County (which provides EMS services for all of Converse County) has completed the process with the Wyoming Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program,which is part of the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH),to have four of its ambulances certified as a pediatric-safeunits.

"Most traditional safety equipment such as seatbelts, cots, and immobilization products are geared toward the adult patient," said Brandon Kelley, Wyoming EMSC program manager. "Children require specialized tools, training, and planning to make sure that if something goes wrong during an ambulance ride, they are as protected as they can be."

The Wyoming EMSC program, with other WDH partners and SAFEKIDS Wyoming, developed a systematic process for ambulance services to review their procedures, acquire necessary equipment, and receive training on the latest measures to protect pediatric patients during transport.

"Completing this effort exemplifies the Memorial Hospital of Converse County EMS services' commitment to ensuring the health and safety of their patients," Kelley said.

For more information about WYRESTRAIN and to view the strategic plan, go to:, or search for "WYRESTRAIN Wyoming" in your favorite search engine.