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MHCC Invites Community To Join Open House For New Areas, Service Lines

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Memorial Hospital of Converse County is pleased to announce an Open House for our Community featuring several new areas which will help impact patient care right here in Douglas. The Open House will be July 10th, from 5-7pm and will feature the new Ambulance Garage in our Emergency Department, as well as the inclusion of a new service line: Chemotherapy. Our friends and neighbors are encouraged to come by, meet members of our organization, and as well see the various new aspects of patient-centered care to be provided right here in our community.

Chemotherapy has been a long time coming in Douglas. Previously, patients had to travel to Casper to receive the service and our Care Ride helped with transport. But the service will now be made available in the Stella Beard Infusion Center by Rocky Mountain Oncology every Wednesday with the hopes that service can be extended throughout the week as it develops. Andrew Beard commented, “We’re thrilled to hear that Chemotherapy will now be offered here in Douglas. Being able to receive those treatments in a familiar setting, with staff you know personally, is truly special. Through our experiences with Stella, we understand the stress that traveling adds compared to the comfort of being able to recover at home. Our hope is that the Stella Beard Infusion Center will provide a comfortable environment to receive chemotherapy and infusion treatments that allows for a better overall experience and faster recovery for all patients.”

The Stella Beard Infusion Center will also continue to support IV Infusion Therapy and many other services while helping to provide this important new addition.

The Emergency Department’s new garage may seem like a simple add on to our already outstanding facility, but it actually helps us provide even better patient-centered care. In addition to housing a new ambulance, which was recently approved by our County Commissioners, the garage will help with other aspects of emergency care. "The EMS garage is being built so we can park our primary ambulance in there so they can be in-house to help when needed. They are usually in the emergency department to help with patient care in accordance with their practicum,” stated Emergency Department head Robynn Scheehle. "This helps the EMS crew keep their skills up, and it helps keep them close to provide care. As well it helps our staff learn from EMS crew. It’s a great back and forth that ultimately helps provide even better emergency care for our patients.”

Living in Wyoming has its advantages, but it also has its drawbacks, one of which is varying temperatures. The EMS Garage will help with controlling that variable. "Our temperatures in Wyoming vary so much, and there are supplies and medications that need constant temperatures to remain effective for providing palliative care,” continued Scheehle. "Also the ambulance when they respond to someone close by we don’t want want to out them on a cold cot for transport and care. So this helps provide the continued focus on the care and comfort for our patients.”

The Open House is open to all members of our community and region and will include light refreshments, tours, and the ability for patients to ask questions of our staff. We invite you to join us from 5 to 7pm on Wednesday July 10th!