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Orthopedic in Douglas, WY

If you are going to work and play in Wyoming, chances are you will need a good Orthopedic Surgeon eventually. Dr. Pat Robertson and Dr. Burk Young have worked in some of the most demanding surgical centers in the country and now call Douglas home. Arthroscopic knee surgery, anterior and posterior hip replacement, shoulder replacement, ligament reconstruction, hand and trauma surgeries and most all other orthopedic surgeries can be performed in Douglas.

Arthroscopic knee surgery

Advancements in modern medicine continue to mean improvements for patients. One of the many ways we in healthcare have seen progress in surgery has been the use of small but dynamic cameras giving a closeup look and allowing surgeons to make smaller incisions.

The camera, called an arthroscope, and all of the instruments used in the surgery are thin, and the use of small and thin incisions is employed in the surgery to allow our surgeons the ability to not only see but treat the knee joint. The goal of the arthroscopic surgery is to lessen pain, stiffness, and ultimately recovery time for our patients.

Anterior hip replacement

This technique is used to achieve the same results as a traditional hip replacement surgery, with the difference being how the joint is reached. With an anterior hip replacement, our surgeons are able to replace the hip from the front of the leg. Since this procedure is a muscle sparing procedure, it's much less traumatic to the patient's hip. As a result, there is less pain, quicker recovery time, less chance of blood clots and other complications as well as offers greater mobility to the patient.

Standard shoulder replacement

The shoulder is a large ball and socket joint made up of bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Using the traditional approach to a shoulder replacement, the prosthesis follows the normal anatomy of a patient's shoulder with the damaged socket on the shoulder blade being repaired by a high-strength plastic cup and the head of the humerous bone being replaced by a metal ball. With this method, the rotator cuff muscles and tendons help the shoulder function normally.

Reverse shoulder replacement

The reverse shoulder joint replacement changes the mechanics of the shoulder, allowing for greater mobility than traditional shoulder replacements. With this approach, our surgeons are able to switch the plastic cup to the head of the humerous bone and the metal ball is now fixed to the socket. Now, the patient's shoulder will rely on the deltoid to move and position the arm.

From knees to hips to shoulders, no other hospital in East-Central Wyoming has helped more people get back into life than Memorial Hospital of Converse County. Our personalized care begins well before any surgery is scheduled. Patients meet one on one with our nurse educator to schedule procedures and complete a customized, total-joint class designed to answer questions, relieve anxiety, and develop realistic expectations.