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Back to school time is here.  And while many are out with supply lists, clothes shopping and picking out new backpacks there's one item that will also need to be crossed off the list: Immunizations.  For school aged children especially Kindergartners, and those older children needing updated vaccinations, the State of Wyoming has a prescribed list of what vaccines are needed and required within 30 days of the start of school.  Our health care providers at our Medical Office Building are now taking appointments to help parents get in and get these immunizations taken care of with ease. 

Need to know what Immunizations your child may need this year?  Look below for a line out by age group for what vaccinations are recommended for your child based on their age.  

Pediatric & Adolescents

4 to 6 Years

7 to 10 Years

11 to 12 Years


13 to 18 Years

Vaccines Before College

Before your child enters college, check that his or her vaccinations are up to date. These include childhood, preteen and teen vaccinations. Many states recommend and several states require that some college students receive the meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

We encourage you to speak with your health care provider about the immunization recommendations to determine which immunizations are up to date for your child and which ones are necessary for their enrollment in school.


Get to know the providers at our Medical Office Building.  

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Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology

Department of Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine is located in the Memorial Hospital of Converse County Medical Office Building at 700 E. Center St. in Douglas. To schedule an appointment with any of our family medicine providers, please call 307.358.7300.


Worried or Anxious Child?

There is usually a fair amount of worry or anxiety that precedes receiving an immunization, especially in children.  This is understandable and is quite common amongst our younger patients, and some adults too!  Parents as well can have worries about side effects from vaccines and how their child will cope with the appointment.  We understand this completely and welcome any and all questions from children and their parents on the vaccines being given, their possible side effects, and what to expect and how to care for your child in the 24 hours after immunization.