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Primary Care

Primary Care in Douglas, WY

When most people say they are going to the doctor, they are more than likely going to see their primary care provider. A primary care provider is focused on your day-to- day health and can specialize in family medicine, pediatrics, or internal medicine. Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners all serve as primary care providers.

The World Health Organization attributes primary care as an integral component of an inclusive healthcare strategy and at Memorial Hospital of Converse County, we couldn't agree more. Primary Care involves the widest scope of healthcare and includes all ages and all manner of acute and chronic physical, mental, and social health issues. As a result our primary care providers possess a wide breadth of knowledge in all areas of health and many times serve as the main point of contact between specialists and patients.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine providers make up a majority of Memorial Hospital's Primary Care Providers and specialize in treating the whole person. Family Medicine's cornerstone is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focusing on the integration of care.

Unlike other specialties that are limited to a particular organ or disease, family medicine integrates care for patients of all genders and every age.

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