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Memorial Hospital of Converse County's cardiopulmonary department diagnoses and treats health problems associated with the heart and lungs. Services offered include ECGs, Cardiac Stress Testing, and inpatient and outpatient respiratory treatments and testing. Care is delivered to patients with asthma, COPD, respiratory failure, pneumonia, RSV, CHF, MI, and other diseases which can affect the cardiac and pulmonary system, as well as patients who need postoperative care.

The Cardiopulmonary Department at Memorial Hospital provides services 24 hours a day. All providers are Wyoming licensed, nationally certified, and hold BLS, ACLS, NRP, PALS, and STABLE certifications. Members of the cardiopulmonary team work with patients on the patient floor, in the Wellness Department, doctors' offices, Emergency Department, Surgery, Obstetrics and Nursery departments, and Intensive Care Unit.

Therapists consult with physicians to provide services including assessment, evaluation and treatment of patients with pulmonary or cardiac impairment, and assessment of the treatment effectiveness. The department provides care to patients of all ages.


One of the core systems of the body, the heart and circulatory system are crucial to your overall health. Those in need of a cardiologist can range from the young who have congenital heart defects or arrhythmia to older patients who have concerns with shortness of breath, heart disease, or valvular heart disease. Having a Board Certified cardiologist on hand in Douglas helps patients in need of this crucial internal medicine get the care they need without having to travel a great distance.

Cardiac rehabilitation

A heart attack. It's one of the most frightening experiences we humans can have. And yet what is life like after a heart attack? At Memorial Hospital of Converse County we work with patients on the road to recovery post-heart attack and help them take progressive steps to a healthier lifestyle. A heart attack event doesn't necessarily mean the end of life—it can quite often signify the beginning of a new chapter for our patients, and we are honored to be along for the ride!

Our Cardiac Rehab team begins with a referral from a physician in the region. Most often our patients are referred to us after a heart event, either attack or cardiac arrest. When this happens and their attending physician releases them, they are referred for rehabilitation as close to home as possible. For those in Douglas and the surrounding region, that leads them right to our facility. Our healthcare providers meet one-on- one or in small groups with our patients to assess their prognosis, set attainable goals, and work with them to get them on the road to recovery. Most work to become fitter and healthier than they were prior to their cardiac event.

Utilizing not just physical fitness equipment, but also nutrition and a focus on overall wellness, our Cardiac Rehab team focuses on the whole health of our patients, not just the heart muscle alone. Realizing that the heart can affect and be affected by multiple systems and variables, we continuously stress the importance of a multilevel approach so that our patients' overall health is greatly improved within the 6-8 weeks of rehabilitation.

Our goal is nothing less than the longevity of your life, and we firmly believe that a heart attack—no matter the base cause—can be a starting point to a new and far healthier chapter in your life!