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Memorial Hospital of Converse County has been a pioneer in healthcare, and the state-of-the-art radiology department is no exception. Memorial Hospital had the first all-digital X-Ray department in Wyoming, and is home to one of the most advanced radiology departments in Wyoming. The department offers magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, 320-slice CT, ultrasound, full-field digital mammography. The radiologists are trained in specialized procedures such as injections of contrast agents or “dyes” into joints, and the spinal canal, as well as performing needle biopsies and draining fluid collections in the body. They are also trained to perform SPG (Spheno-Palatine Ganglion) blocks for the treatment of migraine and certain other headaches.

Board-certified radiologists Doug White and Dennis Yutani head up Memorial Hospital’s radiology department. As full-time radiologists, they ensure all scans and routine x-rays are correctly read in a timely manner, getting the appropriate care to our patients as soon as possible. Investments in specialized equipment and staff create the most comprehensive radiology department in east-central Wyoming.

Nuclear medicine

Memorial Hospital uses the Siemens Symbia T-6 SPECT-CT. This cutting edge technology incorporates a nuclear medicine gamma camera with a CT unit, enabling fusion imaging. With the advent of SPECT-CT technology, the best of CT’s great anatomical detail capabilities are fused with nuclear medicine’s unique ability to assess the function of various organs in a single examination, thus improving diagnostic interpretation confidence. The SPECT-CT unit can also perform CT-only examinations, adding a second CT unit to the radiology department.

Computed tomography: Computed tomography (CT)

Memorial Hospital currently uses the Toshiba Aquilion ONETM 320-slice CT unit that has the ability to scan an entire organ in one single pass and produce 4-D videos showing organ's structure, movement and blood flow. The quick scanning and accuracy of this system means that unnecessary tests can be eliminated, diagnoses times will be faster, and patient radiation doses can be decreased by half.

Full-field digital mammography

Memorial Hospital uses the Hologic 3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis Unit to conduct state-of-the-art breast imaging. When indicated based on patient need, the full 3D (tomosynthesis) exam will be performed. This allows the radiologist to render a 3D image of the breast for better diagnostic screening. When used as a screening tool, there is no additional cost to the patient for tomosynthesis. When used as part of a diagnostic exam, there is a flat fee to the patient of $75 for tomosynthesis.

The Memorial Hospital of Converse County Mammography program is FDA certified. Our mammography staff personnel are fully trained and qualified to perform mammographic exams, and they continue to receive very high marks in patient satisfaction.


Memorial Hospital has two Phillips IU22 ultrasound units to complete ultrasound studies. The IU22 creates incredibly detailed images with the capability for 3-D and 4-D technology. Image planes not previously viewable can provide extraordinary images of babies in utero. The IU22 is also used to conduct breast, vascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal, neonatal, and small-part studies as well as adult echocardiograms.


Memorial Hospital’s state-of-the-art high-field MRI scanner has the industry’s largest tube diameter for patient access, thus allowing for improved patient comfort. The large diameter of the magnet also facilitates improved image quality of all joints as well as of the brain and the entire spine. This MRI scanner is also unique in that it allows for imaging of blood vessels of the head, neck, and abdomen without use of injected contrast agents.