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Current Champions of Excellence

Congratulations to this Quarter's
current Champions of Excellence!

2nd Quarter 2023

Abbie Cornett - Medical Laboratory Technician

Abbie Cornett, Champion of Excellence

Abbie Cornett is a Medical Laboratory Technician in the Laboratory Department at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

Abbie has worked at Memorial Hospital for a year and a half. Prior to that, she did 6 months of clinicals at Memorial Hospital. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Abbie said, “I absolutely love everyone I work with, and not just in my department, I love everyone in every department. I love everything about the laboratory. I am not one that likes to sit, I like to stay busy, and the laboratory is just that..a very high multi-tasking job. I call myself the ‘runner’ so whenever ER, or OR, or whomever calls I try and answer the phone first because I like to do just that, ‘run!’” We also asked Abbie her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am speechless and really honored to be nominated, and to just be recognized.”

Fun fact about Abbie, she was a Cosmetologist for 13 years before becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Abbie's nomination comments:

“Abbie has become a true asset to the laboratory. She jumps in to help with instrument problems even when not assigned to that specific area. She stays on the problem until the issue is resolved. She is often the one that staff goes to when there are instrument problems. During an extended computer downtime she was the person who organized orders and specimens and made sure everything was entered and accounted for when the computers became available. She is also willing to help with phlebotomy when needed, and she enjoys interacting with patients. She always has a smile on her face and spreads cheer wherever she goes. We’re lucky to have her here.”

Abbie received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Veronica Oria - Perioperative Registered Nurse

Champion of Excellence Annie Dulmus

Veronica has worked at Memorial Hospital for a little over 4 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Veronica said, “I truly enjoy my patients and their families. I get to know the person in a short time along side their families. They allow me to be part of their care and I learn so much from them. My co-workers are amazing! Coming to work is always an adventure. I get to work alongside some of the smartest, kindest and most knowledgeable and compassionate people I have ever met. I have learned so much from all of them.” We also asked Veronica her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am so humbly honored that someone would take their time to say such nice things about me. I am grateful that I can serve my community and pay forward the care and time that this community invested in me as a child, young person, student and now a nurse.”

Fun fact, Veronica grew up on a ranch 30 miles from Douglas and is the child of immigrants of Mexico. She spoke Spanish as her first language and learned to read and write English with an amazing teacher at Moss Agate Rural school (Sue McKee). She still catches herself saying some things grammatically incorrect in English and Spanish!

Veronica's nomination comments:

“Veronica was the nurse caring for my grandmother during a recent procedure, she excels at what she does and my grandmother raved about how friendly, informative and competent she was during the prep and recovery from the procedure. Most times, she needs 5-6 tries before she gets her IV and Veronica was able to do this on the first attempt. She was also able to keep my grandmother informed what was happening and the anticipated timeline, as well as what to anticipate after the procedure and discharge.”

“Having worked with Veronica and the entire surgical team they all go above and beyond for their patients and the high bar that they set makes it easy to overlook the excellence in care that individuals on this team provide. When this level of excellence is called to attention by someone else, it deserves recognition. Working with Veronica is a jovvy as she is always friendly and eager to help out.”

Veronica received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Stacy Schrandt - Admissions Clerk

Champion of Excellence Debbie Scudder

Stacy has worked at Memorial Hospital for 1 year. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Stacy said, “I truly enjoy coming to work knowing I’m part of a work-family. It’s such a rewarding experience to provide assistance and compassion to patients and their families.”

We also asked Stacy her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “It’s such an honor to be nominated for this award. Knowing I was one of the chosen amongst all the wonderful staff is an astonishing feeling. Many of the staff aren’t just coworkers, but people I call friends."

Fun fact, Stacy is a puzzle wizard! “I can knock out a 1000-piece puzzle in no time. I like to get in the zone and focus on the end goal.”

Stacy's nomination comments:

“When I had to go to the ER for my husband, I had no one to watch my children. We were unable to all go back in the ER room with him, so she offered to help keep an eye on my two older children so I could go back into the ER with my husband. If it was not for her, I would have had to stay out in the waiting room, not knowing what was going on with my husband. She gave them coloring sheets, put on cartoons, let them eat snacks, and made sure they were safe. I really appreciate her doing this so I could also be there for my husband during his time of need.

Stacy received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Mary Wolf - Registered Nurse, IV Therapy

Champion of Excellence April Simon

Mary has worked at Memorial Hospital for 3.5 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Mary said, “I have never done rural medicine before and I really enjoy it. My patients are often friends, church members, people I see daily in our community, so I feel like the care we give at Infusion is personal and meaningful.”

We also asked Mary her thoughts on being nominated. She replied, “My coworker is an example of someone who prioritizes patient care. He deeply cares for our patients. I am honored to be nominated for this award among so many dedicated healthcare professionals.”

Fun fact about Mary: she is an avid cyclist! “I ride about 4,000 miles in the summer. I have biked through Europe. I am the happiest taking in the beauty of this world looking over my handlebars.”

Mary's nomination comments:

“I read a story that a friend wrote. She had been receiving iron
infusions for several months, when one day the nurse administering her infusion got to looking at her lab results and started asking questions. She suggested [my friend] get a referral to an oncologist. Her blood work mimicked leukemia.

Within two weeks she had an appointment with Rocky Mountain Oncology. Within a week, she was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. This is a very uncommon type of cancer of the bone marrow and blood. This type of cancer she will never be in remission for or get to ring that bell. This is a fight she will fight for her whole life, but Mary, you may have saved my sweet friend’s life and added more time she will have with her beautiful daughter. You gave her a fighting chance. Mary, thank you for just being the kind, wonderful wealth of knowledge and for the love you have for your patients. No nomination or words can express how amazing you are and thank you for just being you!”

Mary received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Candy Larson - Certified Medical Assistant, Medical Office Building

Stephanie Petumenos Champions of Excellence

Candy Larsen serves as a Certified Medical Assistant with Dr. Capron at Memorial Hospital of Converse County and was selected as the Converse County Hospital Foundation’ Champion of Excellence.

Candy has worked at Memorial Hospital for a total of 17 years. She originally worked in the Ambulance department for 6 years before moving to the Podiatry department with Dr. Capron. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Candy said, “I feel very blessed to work with all my patients and my coworkers are the best.” We also asked Candy her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am very humbled. I always try to find a connection with my patients, so they are not so nervous. I try very hard to find an interest that can keep them at ease.”

Fun fact: Candy was not a fan of being an empty nester…until she learned how to fly fish! “My husband and a family friend have been very patient teaching me this skill. I love my Japanese Tenkara rod. To be in the mountains is great and is even better with friends and family.”

Candy's nomination comment:

“After many treatments including surgery on my foot, I came to Dr. Craig Capron to see if he could help fix my foot. Candy was there to help explain in detail about a treatment that Dr. Capron thought would help me. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, she helped alleviate my doubts and concerns. Completely put me at ease with her personality. Treated me like a long lost brother instead of a number. Found out about my interests and engaged in conversation while she was busy helping to put a brace on my foot. Wonderful personality. Then to make things even better, my wife had surgery on her foot and Dr. Capron was the surgeon. Here again, she kept not only my wife informed about what was going to happen with the surgery, but she helped alleviate my fears about my wife’s well being. After my wife’s last appointment 2 days ago she was there wrapping the foot and helping to give my wife instructions about how she was to treat her foot for the next month. Always a smile, always a kind word and always making us both at ease. More like my sister than a nurse. We both feel that if more nurses were like Candy, more people would be more apt to go see their health provider. Wonderful lady.”

“She found out I love to fish and told me stories of using a Japanese-style fishing pole. Took the time to bring hers to one of my appointments. Nothing like anything I had ever seen before. No other person in a doctor’s office has ever done something like this. So impressed with her treating me like something other than just another patient or number! Personality of an Angel."

Candy received a monetary award of $1,000 from the Converse County Hospital Foundation.

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2nd Quarter 2022

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  • Debbie Scudder
  • April Simon
  • Michele Belveal

1st Quarter 2022

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Special Recipients in recognition of their efforts during the Fall 2021 COVID surge:

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  • Shelly Lopez, RN
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  • Wes Morris
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4th Quarter 2021

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  • Shari Beller
  • Ashley Briggs
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  • Jeremy Fulton - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

3rd Quarter 2021

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  • Renea Freese
  • Giselle Grimes
  • Amanda Hill - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

2nd Quarter 2021

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  • Tanda Hicks, FNP
  • Eric Van Osdol
  • Kelly Rupe
  • Bradley Wright - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

1st Quarter 2021

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  • Calley Plumb
  • Karen York
  • Lathan Hopsecker - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

4th Quarter 2020

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  • Heather Perry
  • Dr. Deeanne Engle
  • Anna Troupe - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

3rd Quarter 2020

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  • Joel Long - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion