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Current Champions of Excellence

Congratulations to this Quarter's
current Champions of Excellence!

4th Quarter 2022

Sunny Chapman - Dietary Aide, Hospitality Services Dept

Champion of Excellence Jessika Brawner

Sunny Chapman serves as a Dietary Aide at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

Sunny has worked at Memorial Hospital for 3 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Sunny said, “I enjoy the patients and the people I work with.” We also asked Sunny her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I was surprised I was nominated. I did not expect it!” Outside of work, Sunny’s favorite things to do are spend time with her family and read.

Sunny’s nomination comments:

“We get constant compliments from patients about how amazing Sunny is when she is taking care of the food orders for them at meal times. She is very caring and compassionate. She takes time to understand what people need from her and she is very attentive to their individual needs. She will cut food up for people, make notes about preferences. She listens and personalizes her service to each individual on the 3rd floor.”

“She’s always going out of her way to make sure the patients are taken care of and food delivered on time and with the correct diets. She also makes sure everyone on the team knows about the diets and if we do not have a clear understanding she prints off the special things that are allowed on the diet.”

Sunny received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Mohammed Majeed - Hospitalist

Champion of Excellence Annie Dulmus

Dr. Majeed has worked at Memorial Hospital for almost 8 years. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job and working at Memorial Hospital, Dr. Majeed said, “I enjoy the collegial environment that we have here. It makes work much easier. I feel we are not only co-workers, but also friends.” We also asked Dr. Majeed his thoughts on being nominated and he said, “I am very grateful for the people who wrote those kinds words.”

Fun fact, Dr. Majeed is a diehard Liverpool fan! Go Reds!

Dr. Majeed’s nomination comments:

“Dr. Majeed has been the constant guiding light for the 3rd floor. There have been so many Locum doctors helping to cover the Hospitalist position over the last 7 months; he is the glue that has held us together. He lends an ear to the nurses when we need to vent, and is a voice of reason when we are standing strong in our convictions and may not be seeing the entire picture. Dr. Majeed has brought consistent, compassionate, ethical, and exceptional care to his patients and this community. He has been a true asset to this community, organization, and inpatient floor for the last 8 years, and he more than deserves recognition for it all.”

“Dr. Majeed has gone above and beyond covering Critical shift needs. He is a team player and is very Patient-Centered. Patients love Dr. Majeed and the care he provides. He does what the patients ask of him in their best interest. I love working with Dr. Majeed with his care of the patients to the care of the staff on the floor.”

Dr. Majeed received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Jo-Dee Stinson - Childcare Tech, Childcare Center

Champion of Excellence Debbie Scudder

Jo-Dee has worked at the Childcare Center at Memorial Hospital for just over 2 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Jo-Dee said, “I love working with these kids! Growing relationships with them and watching them learn new things is such a joy for me.” We also asked Jo-Dee her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “Thank you guys so much for this! How fun! I know that I am good at what I do and that I work hard. It is really nice to know that someone else recognizes and appreciates it too!”

Fun Fact, Jo-Dee played softball for 10 years. She hopes to coach her own kids one day.

Jo-Dee’s nomination comments:

“Jo-Dee is always making sure every child in her care is well taken care of. Even when we are short staffed she still makes sure she does circle time, craft, and daily activities with the children. She will go with the flow, which changes daily at the center. Depending on the day she can have a wide range of children from 1 years old to 3 years old, as tough as that sounds she rocks it. She treats all the children with love and you can truly see that she loves what she does here at the center.”

Jo-Dee received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Linda York - Director of Human Resources

Champion of Excellence April Simon

Linda has worked at Memorial Hospital for 45 years! She has had an outstanding career at Memorial Hospital and is looking forward to retirement later this year. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Linda said, “Almost everything, but my favorite is helping an employee with something they are struggling with, or knowing what their options are. This is usually related to benefits. In addition, I love all the wonderful people I get to work with.” We also asked Linda her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I’m mostly surprised. It is not something I was ever expecting. I don’t do the things I do to receive recognition, but I will proudly wear the title of Champion of Excellence.”

Linda has 6 grandchildren who are her favorite little people. “I am so fortunate that they live here in Douglas so I get to see them frequently.”

Linda’s nomination comments:

“In reviewing our core values of competency, compassion, ownership, joy, respect, integrity, and patient centered behaviors, Linda stands out in the all of the categories, but especially respect, integrity, competency, an ownership. Linda is very competent and works with management and employees with great respect and compassion. She thinks “Team”. She shares successes and failures together.”

“Linda consistently upholds our organizational values. She is someone who has given so many evenings and weekends to MHCC it would be so great if we could honor her as a Champion as she prepares to retire in early September.”

Linda received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Elise Dewhurst - RN, Vaccine Coordinator, Medical Office Building

Champion of Excellence Michele Belveal

Elise has worked at Memorial Hospital for almost 3 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Elise said, “I love what I do. Working here always challenges me to be the best nurse I can be. Nursing has been the most challenging thing I’ve done in my life, but also the most rewarding. Through my work I am able to directly connect with people and build connections I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.” We also asked Elise her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I work with some amazing people and feel others deserve the same recognition, if not more. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be recognized and feel appreciated for the work that you do.”

Outside of nursing, Elise enjoys spending time with her three teenagers, crafting and working on her craft business, and working out with her husband.

Elise’s nomination comments:

“Elise Dewhurst is a Champion. She has stepped up to be the Vaccine Coordinator after Sheila’s passing. She is always looking for how to improve this program and make it more efficient and be able to serve her patients. She does this not only for the vaccine program, but also for her regular providers she works with as well as their patients. She is never daunted by any task. She jumps in and tackles any and everything with great detail and with a smile on her face. Through the Covid crisis, she was always willing to float wherever she was needed. She is always trying to expand her knowledge base and learn the whole process. She ALWAYS goes the extra mile. She is utilized all over the MOB and does it well. She is a very quiet, dedicated, unassuming nurse. Her satisfaction seems to come from learning and growing and serving her patients as well as those she works with. She is a role model and example to those around her. She exemplifies Joy, Ownership, and Compassion.”

Elise received a monetary award of $1,000 from the Converse County Hospital Foundation.

3rd Quarter 2022

Amy Bergstrom

Amy Bergstrom

Amy Bergstrom serves as an x-ray technician in the MHCC Radiology Department. She has worked at Memorial Hospital for 3.5 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Amy said, “I enjoy working at MHCC because of my fantastic coworkers and the many opportunities we have for learning here. So many people have put a lot of work and time into helping me grow as a tech and I am so thankful.” We also asked Amy her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “Thank you for the nomination and kind words!”

Amy’s nominator commented, “Amy lives up to every single one of MHCC’s values but if I had to pick one, it would be compassion. The compassion Amy shows to her patients is admirable. Every patient in Amy’s care in Radiology is empathized with and adjustments are made to fit their individual needs. Amy does a lot of outpatient procedures and work the c-arm in surgery. I have no doubt that every patient is sent home feeling that their every need was met and well taken care of. Not only does Amy do this with patients, but with other staff members as well. Amy has always been one of the first to go above and beyond for co-workers, (in Radiology along with any other department in the hospital), but especially when shifts need covered due to unforeseen circumstances with other staff. You can always count on Amy to consistently show up to do her job and do it well, no matter who or what department she is working in that day.”

Amy received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Madison Borowski

Madison Borowski

Madison Borowski has worked at Memorial Hospital for 3 years as a Child Care Tech. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Madison said, “I enjoy the sense of teamwork and community. Not only have I experienced that at the daycare, but also in different departments I have gotten to work in as a nursing student. Watching departments coming together to help one another out is great to see. I am not sure what I would do without my team and other members of MHCC.” We also asked Madison her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am very appreciative, surprised, and thankful for the nomination as someone thought the work that I do was worthy of recognition.”

Fun Fact, Madison loves to travel! From the time she was little she knew that a vacation would be more enriching and more educational than any toy she could get at the store. “Traveling is the ultimate adventure as it is a reminder that your life isn’t the only one that you could be living. Seeing new places, people, cultures and how others live can be very eye opening. It’s easy when you are at home you go about your daily life as usual and stick to the status quo. However, when you travel you can do anything, try anything, be anything.”

Madison’s nominator comments, “Madison was a full-time employee, then went to part-time employee, and now is PRN due to her going to nursing school. During her time here she always goes above and beyond. Even as part-time and PRN she has picked up extra shifts. She has covered opening the Child Care Center since August while going to school full-time. She will also return after school to help us out and even cover when there is no school. Without her it would have put extra pressure on the remaining staff here at the center. I really do not know what we would do without her. When she is here she will lighten the mood by playing music, she will help out wherever we need her, and as I said above, she sees a need and will fill that need. We all appreciate all that she does for us here at the center. When she does become a I nurse I will be so proud of her, but I know we will miss her a great deal. She makes that much of an impact over here at the center.”

Angela Erickson

Champion of Excellence Angela Erickson

Angela Erickson, RN, has worked at Memorial Hospital for 7 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Angela said, “I love being surrounded by wonderful people. I love getting to know people and their stories.” We also asked Angela her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am honored on being nominated. It was a wonderful surprise.”

Fun Fact, Angela’s first degree is in Accounting! “I never enjoyed that line of work so I went back to school in my early 30’s to become an RN. It was one of the best decisions I made!” Angela loves her kids, grandkids, diet coke and sunflowers.

Angela’s nominator said, “I received a call from a gentleman that Angela cared for and he wanted her to know how much he appreciated the care she gave him. As he explained his experience with me on the phone, she was so compassionate and he mentioned that she prayed with him, which meant the world to him. I wondered if he got to say good-bye to her; I think he may have gotten discharged before he could thank her, “Thank you Angela.” I am not sure if Angela realizes the impact she has made on this gentleman. Thank you for being an amazing, caring and gently nurse.”

Angela received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Kendall Honholdt

Champion of Excellence Kendall Honholdt

Kendall Honholdt serves as a Registered Nurse in Surgery at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

Kendall has worked at Memorial Hospital for 15 years. She started in 2007 as a Certified Medical Assistant at Register Cliff Rural Health Clinic in Guernsey, Wyoming. She then came to Douglas and worked at the MOB and is now in the OR, where she’s been for 3 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Kendall said, “I enjoy working with such an amazing team.” We also asked Kendall her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am honored and humbled to be nominated.”
In her spare time, Kendall enjoys anything in the outdoors and loves playing sports.

Kendall’s nominator commented, “I’m nominating Kendall under the value of Patient-Centered. Kendall is a powerhouse in the operating room. If somebody needs to pick up an extra day, Kendall will. If somebody has to on call six days, Kendall will. She is always willing to stay late or take on more. She always jumps in to know the “why” behind it and is always advocating for what is best for the patient.”

Kendall received a monetary award of $250 from Memorial Hospital.

Christina Maas

Champion of Excellence Christina Maas

Christina Maas serves as Surgery Coordinator at Memorial Hospital and was selected as Converse County Hospital Foundation’s Champion of Excellence.

Christina has worked at Memorial Hospital for 2.5 years. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job and working at Memorial Hospital, Christina said, “I enjoy coming to work everyday and helping my team and our patients get back strength and relieve pain that they have been living with. We get to help so many people and listen to their stories so you really feel like a part of their journey. I also enjoy everyone of my co-workers. We are a very close family and work together to do the best for our patients. The support and encouragement in the surgery department is top notch and it makes coming to work easy and fun.” We also asked Christina her thoughts on being nominated and she said, “I am very grateful to be nominated for the Champion of Excellence. There are so many great people who deserve this award and to be chosen as one is an honor.”

Fun fact, Christina enjoys all types of motorsports like NASCAR, dirt sprint car racing, and NHRA drag racing. Family vacations are usually focused around which racing events they can go to.

Christina’s nominator said, “It was hard to pick just one value for Christina. She shows all of the values this hospital asks of the facility daily. If you had to sum it up she is very compassionate and patient-centered. She knows what is going on in all of the bays and the OR rooms. She knows what is missing in a patient’s chart, knows where to find any paperwork needed, and knows how to make sure the charts need to be set up for all of the providers. Christina is very much so a multi-tasker. She jumps in whenever she is needed and at times without even having to know one of us is struggling. You can go to Christina for anything and at times you do not even have to ask, she already knows what you need. She is always a joy and can brighten any ones day that she is around.”

Christina received a monetary award of $1,000 from the Converse County Hospital Foundation.

Past Recipients

2nd Quarter 2022

  • Jessika (Jessie) Brawner
  • Miranda (Annie) Dulmus
  • Debbie Scudder
  • April Simon
  • Michele Belveal

1st Quarter 2022

  • Esther Enders
  • Janet Hinkley
  • Joy Johnson
  • Cindy Ortega
  • Mindy Timberman

Special Recipients in recognition of their efforts during the Fall 2021 COVID surge:

  • Misti Bachus, RN
  • Wade Brennan
  • Sariat Burchfield, RN
  • Shelly Lopez, RN
  • Tara Mesa
  • Wes Morris
  • Donna Rouse
  • Stacey Schiel, RN

4th Quarter 2021

  • Earlene Archer
  • Shari Beller
  • Ashley Briggs
  • Erica Gardner
  • Jeremy Fulton - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

3rd Quarter 2021

  • Anita Casperson
  • Dani Clarke
  • Renea Freese
  • Giselle Grimes
  • Amanda Hill - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

2nd Quarter 2021

  • Dawn Connolly
  • Tanda Hicks, FNP
  • Eric Van Osdol
  • Kelly Rupe
  • Bradley Wright - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

1st Quarter 2021

  • Mathew Abram
  • Amy Cullen
  • Calley Plumb
  • Karen York
  • Lathan Hopsecker - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

4th Quarter 2020

  • Jonathan Cook
  • Lori Durst
  • Heather Perry
  • Dr. Deeanne Engle
  • Anna Troupe - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion

3rd Quarter 2020

  • Mat Ammons
  • Bre Dorsey
  • Silje Pederson
  • Donna Rouse
  • Joel Long - Converse County Hospital Foundation Champion